Srikrishna Shrinivas
Faculty Profile

Srikrishna Shrinivas

(Sri)Krishna Shrinivas serves as a Senior Vice President of Client Services and Business Development at Antuit. Shrinivas brings about 15 years of professional experience in the business analytics space, including as an analyst, as a manager of analysts and as a provider of consulting services and services to the Fortune 500. Over the course of his career, Shrinivas has built globally dispersed teams and delivered value to marketing, sales, pricing and supply chain functions. Prior to Antuit, Shrinivas has served various roles at PwC, Mu Sigma and Best Buy Inc.

Shrinivas believes that softer skills are as important as application of analytical techniques in delivering value to businesses and regularly coaches teams on structured problem solving and effective communication to drive analytical adoption.

Shrinivas holds a master’s degree in Biological Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Annamalai University in India.