Yu (Ben) Meng
Faculty Profile

Yu (Ben) Meng
Lecturer, Summer 2015

Yu (Ben) Meng is a senior portfolio manager at the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), where he is responsible for asset allocation. At CalPERS, this encompasses various assets, such as domestic and international equity, treasury and agency debt, corporate bonds, mortgage-backed securities, CDOs, private real estate, currency overlay, venture capital, leveraged buyouts and hedge funds.

From 2009-2011, Meng served as a portfolio manager at CalPERS, leading the fixed-ncome quantitative research group. One of his first projects was to develop a quantitative capital structure allocation strategy between equity and corporate bonds. He developed and led a quantitative measure for liquidity risk and a tool to monitor systemic risk. Also, in collaboration with an outside consultant, he led the research effort to develop a factor-based asset allocation and risk management framework that is internally consistent across all asset classes, public and private. Before joining CalPERS, Meng was the head of research and senior portfolio manager of quantitative hedge fund strategies with Barclays Global Investors. Prior to that, he was a risk officer at then Lehman Brothers after his role as a bond trader at Morgan Stanley.

During his career, Meng has managed multi-billion dollars in assets and has worked with numerous financial products. He teaches at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and the Graduate School of Management at UC Davis. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Investment Management (JOIM) and on Drexel University’s board of advisors.

Meng earned his Ph.D. in civil engineering from UC Davis. He received his M.S. from China Academy of Railway Science and his Master’s in Financial Engineering (MFE) from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.