General information

Add a new event to your club website / master calendar

So you have a new event? Awesome. Let’s add it to the Calendar…but first do a quick search on the site to see if another club has already added it. If they haven’t, follow the steps below and you’ll be all set.

Step 1: Login & Go to Your Club’s Events Page


Step 2: Find and Click the “Show Content Zones” Button on the Bottom of the Page.

Step 3: Hover Your Mouse Over the “Center Events” Zone in the Center of the Page.

Step 4: Add Your Post

When you Click [+] Events, there will be a few event options to choose from. Select “Events”

Step 5: Edit Your Post

The Basics

  • Title  – What the post is about
  • Subtitle – Always use this for events. It will make your calendar description on the master calendar way better
  • BodyImportant: Taking a minute to do this right will make your organization look far more professional and often boost attendance.
    • Brief Synopsis of Event (e.g. what will happen, who should attend, and why we’re excited to see them there.)  <use: normal style>
    • Event Details <use: heading 3 for the heading>
      • Event Location <use: heading 5>
      • Time & Date <use: normal style>
      • Link to RSVP for the event Important! <use: normal style>
    • About the Speaker (if there is one) <use: heading 3 for the heading>
      • Speaker Bio <use: normal style>

Add your RSVP link in the “Related Links” Section

Add an Image – This will keep things interesting

Fill in the Calendar Dates – If you don’t, the computer doesn’t know how to add it to the calendar!

Step 6: Fold Your Arms and Put Your Feet Up on Your Desk. You Just Added an Event to Your Calendar and the Master Calendar! Watch the RSVP’s roll in…