General information

Adding related links to your post

Adding links in key locations makes it easier for visitors to interact with your content and register for your events. Here we’ll talk about adding related links to your posts.

Step 1: Login & Go to the Page You Want to Work on.


Step 2: Edit your post and find the “related links” tool at the bottom of the edit page.

Important: Note that there is a field for the link itself, and a field for the phrase that will function as the link. Both must be filled out in order for links to be available to the public.

Edit Screen View

Live Screen View with link included (right side of the page)

Step 3: Once You are Done, Save or Cancel Your Changes.

  • Saved changes will be sent to me via email, at which point, I’ll approve and they will go live.
  • If you’ve made a mess of things, just hit cancel. Only changes that are saved will be recorded.