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Agilent Technologies


Agilent Technologies, a diversified technology company employing more than 20,000 employees worldwide.  Agilent delivers bio-analytical and electronic measurement solutions to the communications, electronics, life sciences, and chemical analysis industries worldwide.Its Electronic Measurement segment offers electronic measurement instruments and systems, and software design tools that are used in the design, development, manufacture, installation, deployment, and operation of electronics equipment and microscopy products.Its products consist of communicationsand general purpose test products. This segment also provides various services, such as start-up assistance, instrument productivity and application, and instrument calibration and repair services, as well as customization, consulting, and optimization services.  Agilent Technologies, Inc. sells its products through direct sales, as well as through distributors, resellers, manufacturer’s representatives, telesales, and electronic commerce. The company was founded in 1999 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

Over the past decade, Agilent’s Electronic Measurement segment (EMS) has seen a dramatic shift in its customer base from U.S. and Western European customers to predominantly Asia-based customers.  Today, the majority of the division’s revenues are generated outside of the U.S. with an increasing concentration in China.  This represents not only a geographical shift, but also a profound demographic one.  Asia’s technical customers are significantly younger than their western counterparts, and seem to make purchase decisions and interact with suppliers differently than Agilent’s traditional customer.  This has resulted in evolution of EMS’s sales process and channels, and the need to rethink marketing and communications strategies.

While Agilent is committed to web marketing as an inbound marketing vehicle, the Company has only casually investigated outbound and one-to-one channels such as social networking to build its customer relationships.