General information

Bay Area Part-Time Program Costs and Student Fee Payment Options

Fee Information

Bay Area MBA students pay the course fees, which are set at the time of enrollment and remain fixed for their MBA studies. The fees include textbooks and textpaks, parking, as well as dinner on Friday and breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

For current fee information, visit the Budget & Institutional Analysis website here. Included in the program fees is the Access to Student Services fee, which is required by UC Davis Graduate Studies. Part-time students have Level 3 access to student services, which includes access to primary health care on campus (with co-pay), access to purchase student health insurances.

Overnight accommodations and other expenses are not included.

Student Fee Payment

Quarterly Deadlines:

Fall Quarter September 15
Winter Quarter  December 15
Spring Quarter March 15
Summer Quarter  June 15

Students are responsible for managing their university account and meeting the payment deadline to avoid being assessed the registration penalty fee.  Students can access their bill and pay through MyBill

Financial aid funding will post to your student account prior to fees being due. Click here to access the actual date. Students who miss the payment deadline are subject to $125 (up to $250) registration penalty fee. 

Students expecting Financial Aid:  Students who are expecting financial aid to cover their course fees must verify in MyBill that the Estimated Financial Aid amount posted in the Account Summary section does cover the entire fee amount.  If the financial aid disbursement does not cover the entire course fee balance, students are expected to pay the difference by the Fee Payment Deadline, otherwise the registration penalty fee will be assessed.

Students adding courses after the Student Fee Payment Deadline:  Any additional units added after the Fee Payment Deadline result in additional charges on a student bill. Students are expected to pay this balance immediately. Any student with a balance due at the start of the quarter risks being dropped from all courses. If a student is dropped from a fully enrolled class with a wait list for non-payment, they lose their place in the course.

Deferred Payment Plan: Only students who have enrolled in the Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) through MyBill may pay on the 15th of each month in installments. All other students are expected to pay in full by the Fee Payment Deadline or immediately up enrolling in additional courses after the Fee Payment Deadline.

UC Davis: MyBILL (SISWEB) Student Account Overview

UC Davis assess fees generally one month prior to the term’s payment deadline and then occur on a nightly basis. Fees are not assessed immediately upon enrollment.

After enrolling in courses and fees have been assessed, students can view their outstanding account balance using MyBill account balances and activity are updated in real-time throughout the day and any payments from the Cashier’s Office are posted to the student account at 6 p.m. (PST) nightly.

Please note that the MyBill statement is a monthly statement; it is only updated on the 22nd day of each month. Students must be enrolled in courses by the GSM Initial Registration deadline to have a MyBill statement generated BEFORE the Student Fee Payment deadline.

This bill is a statement of funds owed to the university, not your student account, which will include financial aid disbursements.

If you are expecting a financial aid disbursement for part or all of your fees, it is generally disbursed to your student account two to three days prior to the fee payment deadline for the quarter (provided above).

Refunds are processed by the Student Accounting Office weekly. Any questions should be directed to Student Accounting,


Late Fees

If you pay or register after the published deadlines, there is up to $250 Registration Penalty Fee.

Employer Letter of Credit

If your employer pays your course fees directly to UC Davis, we can accept a Letter of Credit (LOC) as interim credit for your course fees. Contact the University Student Accounting Office at (530) 752-3646 to set up an account for your employer.

Letter of Credit and Enrollment Deposit

Your enrollment deposit reserves your place in the UC Davis MBA Program and is non-refundable and credited to your fall account. With a Letter of Credit, your employer is not obligated to pay if you do not enroll. Once we have received the actual payment from your employer, you are eligible for a refund of any overpayment to your account.