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Active volunteer efforts are one of the best ways to foster a close-knit alumni community. This year, the GSM Alumni Association’s board of directors is seeking to increase the ranks of the School’s volunteers, tapping into alumni who are willing to spend a few hours making a difference in the GSM community—with students, fellow alumni, faculty and staff. Volunteerism will increase engagement, affinity, communication and connectedness among alumni. It will also build a strong bond between alumni and our alma mater that will both seed and enrich our ongoing initiatives in fundraising, placement, admissions, and student and alumni services.

The GSM has approximately 2,800 graduates, a large number of whom live in California, with a solid concentration in the northern half of the state. Many of you can offer time, networking opportunities, advice, references and expertise. As students, our studies were augmented by alumni contributions and volunteer efforts. We sharpened our interviewing skills with a Mock Interview volunteer from a key industry. We networked with alumni at a Career Fair or speaker event—or increased our network through informational interviews with GSM alumni. The active participation of alumni volunteers makes the GSM experience powerful, and with a relatively small base of graduates, GSM students and alumni have the opportunity to really get to know each other and network with others in our community.

 I am working with the GSMAA board and GSM staff to extend a hand to alumni who can assist with a range of activities. Your involvement could be as simple as a pitch to a prospective student or as involved as a speaking engagement for a student club or initiation of an MBA consulting project. There are also volunteer opportunities with the GSMAA, including working directly with a board committee, such as fundraising, alumni awards and student fellowship awards. Longer-term, we will develop a base of committed alumni volunteers representing diverse expertise, networks, geographies and industries. Please let me or Roberta Kuhlman know if you are able to donate time to the GSM, and how you might be interested in getting involved. As we mature our processes, we will continue our outreach.

The value of the GSM and our degree goes beyond our diploma. A UC Davis MBA should be an active, vibrant affiliation to a powerful and dynamic alumni network. But it’s only as strong as its next admitted student and its next graduate. Please give some thought—and more importantly some time—to helping the GSM and its programs succeed. We owe it to the alumni who volunteered before us, we owe it to ourselves for the work we put in and the momentum it gave us in our careers, and we owe it future students who will help the GSM continue to climb in the rankings, strengthening the reputation and value of a GSM degree to all who hold one.


Gary Lew ‘98
Board of Directors, UC Davis Graduate School of Management Alumni Association

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