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A cover letter and résumé are not the only correspondence you will use in your job search. Here are some guides and samples of requests for informational interviews, resume and cover letter submissions, thank you letters, acceptance and rejection letters.

Email Correspondence

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With email as the predominant form of business correspondence, it is imperative to follow the same professional style as you would ANY business correspondence. You will use email to request informational interviews and to submit your resumes and cover letters to potential employers.

Thank You Letter

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Thank-you letters may be written for a variety of reasons. They should always be written after a job interview and mailed within 2 business days. They should also be written after informational interviews. This should be done even if you have telephoned and thanked the person for their time or said thank-you before leaving the interview.

Thank-you letters should be brief and acknowledge the person for their time and information. You may want to briefly restate a particular strength or attempt to correct something you perceived was missing in the interview. The point is to be brief, acknowledge the time spent or information given and leave a good impression.

Acceptance Letter

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At this point, you are a member of the organization and your letter should reflect your professional self. You should, however, remember some basic elements of the acceptance letter. First, refer to the offer letter outlining the terms of employment. Second, confirm your starting date. Third, express your appreciation and pleasure at joining the organization.

Rejection Letter

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The primary objective of the rejection letter is to avoid burning any bridges. It is possible that you may wish to contact this employer in the future. Therefore, always be positive and gracious in rejecting the offer. Be sure to express appreciation for the consideration.