General information

Commencement 2012 Saturday, June 16 at 10:00 a.m. Jackson Hall, Mondavi Center

Rehearsal: Friday, June 15 at 2:00p.m., Mondavi Center

Admission to the Ceremony

  • Tickets are required for each person attending (including babies) the Graduate School of Management Commencement Ceremony.
  • The Mondavi Center lobby will be open at 9:00 am for guests to be seated. Only graduates will be allowed into the Mondavi Center prior to 9:00 am.
  • Doors to Jackson Hall open at 9:30 am.
  • We suggest graduates drive separately from guests if you prefer that your guests not wait outside until 9:00 am when the doors open.

Assembly of Candidates

  • All candidates, in academic dress, must arrive by 7:30 am in Jackson Hall of Mondavi Center for group photos. You must rent your cap and gown prior to June 8, as academic dress will not be available for rental at the ceremony.
  • After the group photos, candidates will assemble in the Vanderhoef Theater, Mondavi Center at 9:15 am.
  • Your guests will not be allowed into the Vanderhoef Theater before the ceremony.
  • Once in line, you will be given a card (and pencil) to PRINT your name and the name(s) of your hooder(s).
  • If you think the name(s) may be difficult to pronounce, PRINT the name phonetically so it can be easily read.
  • WRITE LEGIBLY! The Associate Dean needs to be able to read this on stage AND these cards are given to the professional photographer after the ceremony and this is what they will use to mail you your proofs.
  • There will be no storage for personal items.

Order of Procession

  • The order of the procession: faculty marshal, candidates, faculty, stage party.
  • Candidates will line up in two lines.
  • Stand behind or in front of whomever you wish to sit with.
  • Candidates will be seated on the stage.
  • The only thing in your hands should be your hooding card. Programs will be on your seats.
  • The procession will begin at 10am SHARP.

Conferring of Degrees

  • At the appropriate time in the program, the marshal will ask candidates to rise. After the degree is conferred, ushers will direct candidates (by rows) to come forward.


  • Candidates may be “hooded” by anyone of their choice.
  • Designate a hooder prior to the morning of the ceremony.  It needs to be someone who can walk and down a small number of stairs and short walk across the stage.
  • If you select a hooder who will need assistance with the stairs, please make sure you have a person ready to provide that assistance. GSM staff will be in assigned positions and are not available to assist.
  • Ushers for hooding will direct candidates, one row at a time, to the side of the stage.
  • You will be visible to every seat in Jackson Hall as you line up for hooding.
  • Hooders can sit anywhere in Jackson hall and should watch for you as each row is sent forward to be hooded. There will be plenty of time for your hooder to join you in line and your hooder should not be anxious about missing you in line. (Staff will be there to make sure your hooder finds you.)
  • Hooders should not get up before they see you in line for hooding.
  • Be quiet while you are in line waiting your turn to go up on stage. Please respect the dignity of the ceremony.
  • Candidate and hooder will proceed on stage.
  • Candidate will present hood card to the Associate Dean to announce your name and that of your hooder.
  • Hooder will be handed hood and simply needs to place it over the shoulders of the candidate.
  • Once hooded, candidate will cross the stage to shake hands with the Dean and the Provost, and continue on to the risers.
  • Hooder will exit the stage (staff will be there to direct them) and go back to their seat.
  • Once all candidates have been hooded and are on the risers, there are a few short remarks and the ceremony is over.

Photographs during the ceremony

  • Professional photographers will be taking class photos prior to the ceremony and individual photographs of each candidate as they cross the stage during the ceremony.
  • Family and friends wishing to take photographs of candidates are requested to do so either from their seats or before and after ceremony. It is disruptive to have numerous people rushing the stage during the hooding for photographs. Please respect the dignity of the ceremony.


  • Order of recessional: stage party, faculty and graduates.
  • Audience members should remain in their seats until the recessional has exited Jackson Hall.


  • Graduates, family, friends, staff and faculty are invited to a reception of light refreshments immediately after the ceremony in the Vanderhoef Theatre, Mondavi Center.
  • If you have a family party or lunch reservations, we invite you and your guests to attend the reception for a short time prior to departing.
  • You will be able to return your gown and hood at the reception.


  • Contact the Office of Academic & Student Services at (530) 752-7658.