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Commencement Award Nominations
These are two awards given at Commencement in June.

Students nominated should be graduating in this calendar year (2013 – March, June September or December).

Smiley Award

The Robert H. Smiley Leadership Award is given in recognition of MBA students (one each from Daytime, Sacramento and Bay Area programs) who have shown outstanding leadership in activities and enterprises that they have been involved in since becoming a student. These students have shown leadership and initiative in starting new programs or taking existing programs to new and improved levels of operation and success.

Sullivan Award

The James F. Sullivan Award is given to the graduating MBA student who has contributed the most to the School, the UC Davis campus and/or the community during his/her tenure. This recognition becomes all the more important as more and more of our students balance many other commitments in addition to academics. Someone who can then still make time to give back to the campus or community is truly special.

Nominate a student – Deadline is April 24.

We would like to see nominations for these awards from the student body, faculty and staff who are aware of the depth and breadth of student’s service during their time at the School. If you know of a graduating student who meets the criteria above, please take a few short minutes to nominate this student and provide a few sentences about their contributions.