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Company Info Sessions & Office Visits
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The Graduate School of Management organizes several company information sessions and “job treks” (company visits) throughout the year to enable students to learn more about potential employers. Firms also periodically send invitations for students to attend an open house or office visit. Employers use this time to share their company history, promote their organization, describe their company culture and talk about career paths and opportunities. Treks give students the opportunity to meet employees and experience the culture firsthand.

Most companies will require you to sign up in advance for these events. Some treks are by invite only. We take your sign-ups seriously and will expect you to attend if you have signed up. Note: the employer determines individual student eligibility for each event.

Here are some tips for mastering the office visit:

  1. Dress for the occasion. Business attire is expected at an office visit. For more information about professional dress, check out this Pinterest page.
  2. Be on time. Every company handles travel arrangements differently, so make sure you clearly understand the procedures and arrangements before you leave for the visit. Allow time for traffic, navigation and parking. Consider doing research on the city if you are unfamiliar with the area.
  3. Do your homework. Spend time researching the company by examining the company’s annual reports, company websites, and external sources of information. But don’t stop there. Spend time familiarizing yourself with the key industry (or industries) with which the firm operates.
  4. Remember your manners. You can usually expect one or more meals during your on-site visit. These “breaks” from the visit should be seen as another form of an interview, in which your manners, poise, conversation skills, and judgment may be evaluated. Make sure you know proper dining etiquette, and keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, if at all.
  5. Display confidence. Make sure you introduce yourself with a firm handshake. This signals to the other person that you have poise and self-assurance – no one likes a weak handshake. Treat everyone with respect, from the receptionist to the CEO.
  6. Ask questions. Because you will have researched the company ahead of time, you should be able to ask some open-ended, answerable and relevant questions. The person leading the visit will set the tone for when questions are appropriate from the beginning. Make sure you pay attention to this, as some interviewers prefer questions at the end, while others are happy to answer them throughout. Ask questions that are important to you personally. Always stand up and introduce yourself before you ask your question. This will definitely make you memorable to the employer.
  7. Follow up. After your office visit it is important to thank everyone you met on the trek. This can be done via an email or a handwritten note right after your office visit. Even if it turns out that you aren’t going to pursue a position with the company you visited, it is important to maintain professionalism throughout the process. You never want to burn any bridges.
  8. Represent your brand. Remember, whenever you attend a trek on behalf of the School, you are also acting as an ambassador for the Graduate School of Management. We want to make sure that people know the high caliber of students emerging from the MPAc program at UC Davis.