General information

Create/add a post to your club website

Step 1: Login & Go to the Page You Want to Work on.


Step 2: Find and Click the “Show Content Zones” Button on the Bottom of the Page.

Step 3: Find the Right Place to Add Your Post.

Below are the zones that make up a page:

  • Carousel - This is found up on top of the page. When carousel posts are added to a page, they function much like a banner ad does. You can use these to promote an upcoming event, a blog post, etc.
  • Overview – This is just beneath the carousel and 99% of pages should have one. If you only have one post on a page this should be it. It is the primary content on the page or a quick explanation of what your visitors find on the page
  • Posts – This section is very handy if your page is made up of multiple profiles or multiple blogs (e.g., these posts would be represented here in this section
  • Pods – These posts make up the right sidebar of your page. Most clubs use these posts to create buttons (e.g. “Follow us on Twitter” or “Sign Up Today”).
  • Events – Event posts that are added to your page, will also show up on the school’s master calendar (

Step 4: Add Your Post

To do this, just hover over your zone and click on the desired post type. There are several “post type” options for certain zones, but most are very similar so don’t be intimidated. 

Step 5: Edit Your Post

The Basics

  • Title  – What the post is about
  • Subtitle – Optional but supports the title
  • Body – The meat and potatoes.

Add An Image

  • Images are great for breaking up heavy pages or providing context. I recommend including them more often than not.
  • Drupal will re-size and crop for you. If the auto-crop isn’t ideal, contact me and I’ll help you out.

And so Much More

The tools used in this Drupal CMS are quite robust, but I’d rather not overwhelm you just as you’re getting started. So, I’ll wrap this tutorial here. However, there will be another tutorial for more advanced placement of images, links, profiles and such.