General information

Edit a post on your club website

As we’ve touched upon, the pages on your website are made up of posts that you can create and modify. To edit a post you’ve made, just follow these quick steps.

Step 1: Login & Go to the Page You Want to Work on.


Step 2: Hover the mouse over the post that you’d like to edit

You’ll notice a small edit icon on the top right of the desired postscreen-shot-2014-05-07-at-3.19.53-pm.jpg

Step 3: Click on the icon to expand the flyout. Then click the edit optionscreen-shot-2014-05-05-at-11.32.06-am.jpg

Step: 4: Edit the post.

You’ll be able to edit the title, subtitle, body of the post, images and attach pdf’s and suchedit-page.jpg

Step 5: Once You are Done, Save or Cancel Your Changes.

  • Saved changes will be sent to me via email, at which point, I’ll approve and they will go live.
  • Brief notes to the admin are appreciated so I can quickly see what you’re doing when approving
  • If you’ve made a mess of things, just hit cancel. Only changes that are saved will be recorded.