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Curriculum and Concentrations

Entrepreneurship is a vital part of modern business, and the development of entrepreneurial skills is critical for students interested in starting or growing a business. These skills also increasingly drive the success of managers in large corporations, who are called upon to identify and pursue new business opportunities in changing technological and consumer landscapes.

Entrepreneurship courses offer you the tools to recognize and value new business opportunities, develop and design technology-related products and services, effectively start and grow business ventures, and develop new products and services within established corporations. Students concentrating in Entrepreneurship participate in clinics and competitions involving the analysis of “live” opportunities, the development of business plans and the presentation of those plans to outside parties (e.g., venture capital firms).

Possible Career Paths

  • Startups
  • Business Development
  • New Product Launch
  • Venture Capital

Suggested Entrepreneurship Courses

  • 241 – New Product Development
  • 244 – New and Small Business Ventures
  • 251 – Management of Innovation
  • 265 – Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation
  • 293 – Marketing Analytics
  • 290 – Business Development Clinic

Related Coursework

  • 215 – Business Law
  • 246 – Negotiation in Organizations
  • 274 – Corporate Governance
  • 291 – Leadership
  • 297 – International Study Trip
  • 298 – Executive in Residence
  • 498 – Consulting Practicum