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Gallagher Hall Naming Opportunities
World-class Learning Center for the Future of Business Education

Launching a new era of leadership and impact in management education, the Graduate School of Management opened the doors of Maurice J. Gallagher, Jr. Hall in September 2009. The building received top LEED Platinum certification two years later.

Featuring a striking glass-and-tile facade, state- of-the-art technology and open spaces that inspire innovative thinking and teamwork, Gallagher Hall offers a premier learning environment to prepare UC Davis MBA and accounting students to become tomorrow’s business leaders.

We appreciate the many alumni, friends and corporate partners who generously support the School.

Their financial endorsement provides the foundation for our nationally ranked management education programs and is critical to our future development.

We invite you to join us. Please contact Leigh Ann Hartman, Executive Director of Development and External Relations for more information. 

Gallagher Hall Leadership Gifts

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management recognizes, with sincere thanks and appreciation, the leadership gifts and pledges provided by the following donors in support of Gallagher Hall.

Transformational Gift ($10,000,000)

Maurice J. 71 and Marcia G. Gallagher

Building Platinum Society ($100,000-$250,000)

Reza Abbaszadeh
Richard C. and Joy M. Dorf
Robert W. and Helga Medearis
Roger and Claudia Salquist

Building Century Club ($50,000-$99,999)

Jerome J. Suran & Helen Singer Suran
The Greg 76 & Dean Chabrier Family

Building Benefactor ($25,000-$49,999)

The Agatstein Family
Roger Akers & Carole Waterman
Kevin M. 72 & Kim Bacon 79
Nicole Woolsey Biggart MA 77, James F. Biggart & Scott Woolsey Biggart
Michael C. 76 & Renee Child 76
Steven C. & Cheyenne X.Y.Z. Currall
Paul A. & Eva Griffin
First Northern Bank
Robert L. 69, MA 71 & Sandra E. Lorber 73
Mark Otero MBA 07 & Julie Ku
Mark MBA 99 & Marissa Schmidt
Robert H. Smiley & JoAnn Cannon
Chih-Ling Tsai, Yu-Yen Tsai & Ching-Ju Liao
Vision Service Plan
Frank & Kim Washington
Wellhead Electric Co. Inc.

Building Patron ($15,000-$24,999)

Gary 72 & Beth Brooks
Bryan P. Chu MBA 01
Oliver Demuth MBA 01
Miriam R. Glock
Brian MBA 95 & Nancy Hartmeier
Gordon C. Hunt, Jr. MD, MBA 97
Hester Roofing Co.
Christopher M. Lee MBA 01
Pamela G. Marrone &
Michael J. Rogers MBA 93
Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld LLP
Gregory Siegfried MBA 01
Members of the Class of 2004
Members of the Class of 2005

Building Supporter (Up to $14,999)

Anonymous (2)
Jill Abrams MBA 03
Scott Adler MBA 91
Brian L. Albert MBA 04
Leighton Allen MBA 03
William F. 50 & Jean M. Allewelt
Pete Anderson MBA 02
Ashwin Aravindakshan
John Argo MBA 04
Beth Ashkin MBA 98
Russell J. Austin
Raymond K. Austin MBA 00
Pejman Azarm MBA 05
Angie Balderas
Joe Balestrini
Brad Barber & Michael Borgg
Ann Barefield 98, MBA 01
John Barnes MBA 01
Brent Barnum 98
Gordon & Lindy Beatie
John Beatty 81, MBA 87
Holly Bishop-Green 77
Guy Blanchard 90, MBA 98
Kelly K. Blake MBA 04
Ed Bondoc MBA 03
Steve F. Bouck
Becky Brover 01, MBA 06
L. Bryan 97, MBA 03, MS 08
David Bunch
Brian Burger MBA 06
Rich Buxton MBA 03
Steve Calderaro MBA 03
Phoebe Cameron MBA 98
Adrienne Capps
Tres MBA 03 & Dana Carpenter MBA 03
Lance Cason MBA 06
Carol Chang MBA 04
Joseph Chen
Rachel Chen
Aaron Chin MBA 00
Kevin Crow MBA 98
Christopher Cukor MBA 04
Noemi Danao Schroeder MBA 04, MS 05
Mark Dahlstrom MBA 01
Chris Davis MBA 03
Chris Dods MBA 03
Jeff Doherty 91, MBA 04
Gina Dokko
Eamonn 83 & Kathleen Dolan
Andrew Ekstrom MBA 05
Kimberly Elsbach
Steven Escobar
Rose M. Elley MBA 04
Carlene Ellis
Jim & Kathy Errecarte
Randall Fairchild 85, MBA 98
Daniel 87, MAD 89 & Joy Faletti MAD 89
Chris Ferreira MBA 06
Benjamin Fineberg MBA 05
Ben Finkelor MBA 04
Andrew Fleischer 99
Ingrid C. Foster MBA 05
Wendy Forester 94, MBA 04
Heather R. Frank MBA 05
Jennifer Frase MBA 05
Heather Frazzano Braun MBA 04
Kristy Geer Badger
Kathy Gleed 97
Eva Goode MBA 04
Michele Goodman
Christopher Gormley MBA 05
Morlee Griswold MAD 85
Andrew Groth MBA 03
Jackson R. Gualco 78
Peter Haefner MBA 03
Sahra Halpern MBA 05
Roger Halualani 89, MBA 91
William Haraf
Dave Haskell MBA 04
David MBA 06 & Yvette Hatton MBA 06
Becky Heard
Mike & Shirley Helm
Andrea S. Henderson 02, MBA 07
Sharon Henn MBA 92
Tracy Herrity MBA 04
Brian Hoblit MBA 07
Hilary Hoeber MBA 04
Sumiko Hong 95
Sonja Hongisto Bowman 85, MBA 91
Ted Howes MBA 04
Alicia Jerome MBA 04
Marina Johansen MBA 04
Blake Johnson MBA 01
Craig Jones MBA 06
Yeong Juang MBA 90
Cleveland Justis MBA 04
Erin Kahn MBA 95
Joe Kazmierczak MBA 03
Daniel Kennedy
Sherwin Khayatian MBA 06
DeeDee Kitchen
Barry & Gail Klein
Kathy Klenzendorf
Kelly Kohlhepp Blake MBA 04
Sotiris Kolokotronis
James Kroger MAD 89
Roberta Kuhlman
Claire Kurmel MBA 04
William Lacy
Josh Leachman MBA 05
Daniel Lee MBA 06
Gabriela Lee MBA 04, MS 04
Jane C. Lee MBA 04
Edmond Leung MBA 93, MS 93
Gary Lew MBA 98
Paula Levy 86, MBA 91
Chris Lief MBA 01
Linda W. MAD 85 & Peter H. Lindert
Christina Lozano 95
Christopher Lynch 05
MacDonald Realty Inc. & Marianne MacDonald
Inger Maher
Michael Maher
Dawn May 94
Andrew McCray MBA 01
Mary McNally 87, MS 91, Ph.D. 93
Brian McQuaig
Mark Meyering MBA 05
Mehran Moghaddam 00, MBA 05
Scott Mortimer MBA 91
Chip Mrizek
Judy Nagai
Prasad Naik
Grove & Sally Nichols
Ken 68 & Joanne Nitzberg 71
Lee 93 & Grant Oerding
Gary & Andrea Orr
Linda & Nate Oubré
Don Palmer
Dennis Pendleton
Renato Pereira MBA 04
Tara Perkins Colombani MBA 00
David F. Petroni 90
Jen Pockell-Wilson MBA 00
Don Quinby MBA 04
Susan Rainier
N.V. Ramanan
Kelly Ratliff 86, MBA 93
Chris Rector MBA 04
Anya Reid MBA 04
Kennedy E. Reyneveld 86, MAD 89, MS 89
Pauny Rezai MBA 05
Bill Rhyne MBA 95
Tamara Rocco MBA 06
Jackie Romo & Tom Beamish
Mari 94 & Jeff Royer
Olivier Rubel
Brett Rugroden MBA 98
Sungene Ryang MBA 04
Krishnan Saikrishnan MBA 01
Vikas Salgia MBA 04
Lupe Sanchez 05
Babs Sandeen
Jacob Sanders MBA 04
Caroll Sandifor
Anna Scherbina
Hal 52 & Carol Sconyers 04
Andrew Simanek 03, MBA 05
Eric Sohn MBA 03
Rissa V. Spears MS 78
Eugene Spevakov MBA 06, Ph.D. 08
Nicole Starsinic 93
Scott Stauffer MBA 01
Steve Steinhauer MBA 98
Jim & Ann Stevens
Maril Stratton
Bill Sullivan 72
SunWest Foods Inc.
Kevin Tam MBA 91
Isho Tama-Sweet MBA 05
Mitch Taylor MBA 01
Greg Thomas MBA 98
Amit Tiwari MBA 05
Les Tso MBA 01
Tracy Twist MBA 04
Diana Vail 89 & Frank Fedor
Larry & Rosalie Vanderhoef
Jennifer Vogt MBA 03
Jason Wade MBA 04
Cathinka Wahlstrom MBA 91
Aimee Waldman MBA 06
Oksana Walton MBA 04
Adam Waters MBA 04
Christopher Welsh MBA 05
Aimee MBA 01& Nate Whaley MBA 01
Bruce White
Wine Industry Symposium Group
Brian MBA 06 & Dana Woodall MBA 07
David Woodruff
Shon H. Yang
Catherine Yang
Ayako Yasuda
Sonja Yates Seymour MBA 04
Kim Yeary MBA 01
Chelle & Bob Yetman
Yvonne Ying MBA 06
Yunuen MBA 01& Gabriel Zimmerer

The gift levels above recognize gifts and pledges specifically associated with the Maurice J.
Gallagher, Jr. Hall building as of May 20, 2013, and do not reflect total giving to the School.

Gallagher Hall leadership gifts and pledges are counted toward The Campaign for UC Davis, a university-wide initiative to inspire 100,000 donors to contribute $1 billion in philanthropic support.

Note: Graduation years reflect UC Davis degrees only.