GSM Commencement Ceremony
General information

Graduate School of Management Commencement Ceremony 2020
Saturday, December 5, 2020

Commencement 2020  INVITATION

We look forward to honoring all the graduates who have earned the Master of Business Administration, Master of Professional Accountancy, or Master of Science in Business Analytics and hosting their friends and families during this event.

However, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and California’s sheltering-in-place restrictions, the Graduate School of Management students have chosen to postpone their in-person Commencement to Saturday, December 5, 2020.


Mondavi Center, Jackson Hall.


Parking is free on weekends. The GSM’s designated Commencement parking lot is the multi-level parking structure located at the Gateway Parking Structure. Handicapped parking spaces are available inside the parking structure. For location, go here.

If driving to campus, enter on the south end of campus at the “Gateway” entrance. This entrance is directly off the Interstate 80 Freeway.

Please avoid any reserved parking and the metered parking. Campus parking enforcement will distribute tickets to those cars that are parked in reserved and metered spaces.

Important Information: Follow signs that read “GSM Venue Commencements.”

Directional signs reading “ARC Commencement Parking” will be placed at all entrances to the campus that direct traffic to the Recreation Hall for Undergraduate Commencement Ceremonies at 9:00 a.m. These directional signs are NOT for the Graduate School of Management Commencement.

Admission to Ceremony

Guest Ticket Details

All guests, including infants, must have a ticket to enter the venue.

Guest tickets may be obtained directly from a graduate. Tickets are not available to the general public and can only be obtained from a graduating student.

There is no “Will Call” at the venue for the Graduate School of Management Commencement Ceremony.

Guests should obtain their tickets prior to the morning of the ceremony.

Guest Access to the Venue

The venue lobby will open at 9 a.m. for guests to be seated. No restroom facilities are available until the doors open. Doors to Jackson Hall, where the ceremony takes place, open at 9:30 a.m. for seating.

The Commencement Procession will begin at 10 a.m. SHARP. Guests who arrive after 9:55 a.m. must wait to be seated after the processional is over.

We expect the ceremony to last approximately 2½ hours.

Special Accommodations

Guests with mobility issues, may be dropped off directly in front of the venue where wheelchair access is available. 

For guests with limited/no hearing, assisted listening devices are available to check out at the patron’s services desk located in the lobby. A driver’s license or credit card is required as security until the device is returned.


The order of the procession: Faculty Marshal, Candidates, Faculty, Stage Party.

All candidates will be seated on stage.

The procession will begin at 10 a.m. SHARP.

Addresses by campus officiant, GSM Dean, UC Davis Chancellor, and Student Speakers  will commence.

Hooding Process

During the GSM Commencement Ceremony, our graduates will have the Master’s Hood placed on their shoulders by one or two people of their choosing while on stage. This is a special moment for all Commencement participants.

 We refer to these people as “hooders”.

Hooding Process

Hooders should be able to :

  • Walk from their seat in Jackson Hall, up and down a small number of stairs and short walk across the stage. (If your hooder needs assistance, another person must be ready to provide that assistance. GSM staff will be in assigned positions and are not available to assist.)
  • See the stage in order to determine when their candidate’s row exits the stage for hooding.

How will Hooders Know How to Get Back Stage?

All hooders will be directed back stage by GSM staff.

Once back stage, hooders will line-up with their candidate to perform the hooding and then will be guided off stage by staff to their seats in Jackson Hall.

Getting On Stage and Off Stage

Once the hooders are on stage with their graduate, they will be handed the Master’s Hood by a staff member and will place the hood over the shoulders of the candidate from behind.

Once hooded, the graduate will cross the stage to shake hands with the Dean and the Provost, and continue off-stage for their graduation portrait.

Hooders will exit stage (staff will direct) and return to their seats in Jackson Hall.

View Commencement 2019 Hooding Process

For your reference, please see the video of  of  2019 Commencement Streaming Video. Go to frame 1:22:26 to watch the hooding portion of the GSM ceremony.


Order of Recessional: Stage Party, Faculty and Graduates.

Audience members should remain in their seats until the Recessional has exited Jackson Hall.

Live Stream

A live stream will be available through ATS/Mediaworks for individuals who would like to view the Commencement but are unable to attend in person. Following the live stream, the content will also be archived on the same website.

To review the live stream go here. On the left hand navigation column look for Spring Commencement – Graduate School of Management.


If you would like to purchase flowers for a graduate, vendors will have booths outside of the venue  prior to the ceremony.

Balloons are not allowed inside Jackson Hall where the ceremony takes place.

Reception (after Ceremony)

Graduates, family, friends, staff and faculty are invited to a reception of light refreshments immediately after the ceremony at venue.

If you have a family party or lunch reservations, we invite you and your guests to attend the reception for a short time prior to departing.

During the reception, students will need to return the gowns to the UCD bookstore table, and hoods must be returned to the Graduate School of Management table, both located in the Lobby. Students who do not return the hoods will be charged.

Accommodation/Visitor Link

Make reservations for accommodations early, especially if a Davis hotel is preferred. During commencement season, local hotels fill-up fast.  

Davis is located in Yolo County. Please see the Yolo County Business Association for a listing of local and nearby hotels, restaurants and more. Davis Wiki is a great resource to find local restaurants and entertainment.