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Making a Difference
The GSM Alumni Association’s Annual Progress Report

The GSM just finished one of its best years in our short history, and you should feel very, very proud to be an alum of the fastest-rising school in the Top 50. Here are some highlights:

  • The daytime program was ranked 28th overall by U.S.News & World Report, jumping 14 spots—the largest advance of any school in the Top 50;
  • U.S.News & World Report ranked the Working Professional MBA programs in Sacramento and the Bay Area at 32nd;
  • Alumni giving to the GSM Annual Fund increased from 7.7 percent to 11.2 percent;
  • Alumni giving to the GSM overall increased from 11.5 percent to 16.6 percent;
  • 97 percent of graduating students from the Class of 2011 pledged to donate to the School as part of their class gift;
  • Starting salaries for newly graduated Daytime students are at an all-time high;
  • The School recently completed a redesign of the MBA curriculum, focused on developing innovative leaders for global IMPACT.

The GSM Alumni Association’s board of directors just embarked on Year 2 of a renovation project that supports Dean Steven Currall’s strategic priorities for growing connections to the business community and increasing alumni engagement with, and support for, the School. Our ambitious work in Year 1 yielded promising results: For instance, the increase in alumni giving was due, in part, to alumni directly asking fellow alums to support our alma mater financially. We anticipate there will be more of this type of communication from Class Agents, and we will be recruiting alumni to help support this effort.

We also completed recruiting efforts designed to ensure the board is equipped with the skills and talent needed to effectively promote alumni perspectives, expand our engagement with the School and business partnerships, support student career advancement and networking, and recognize exceptional student and alumni contributions to the GSM and community at large. Please join me in welcoming our new board members:

  • Jill Abrams, Full-Time MBA ’03, Agilent Technologies
  • Ann Barefield, Full-Time MBA ’01, Intel
  • Steve Gabelich, Sacramento Working Professional MBA ’98, Medical Vision Technology
  • Roger Halualani, Full-Time MBA’91, Halualani & Associates/Epiphany Partners
  • Jennifer Pockell-Wilson, Full-Time MBA ’00, demandbase

We are in the process of establishing goals for the coming year, including redoubling our efforts to connect with the business community through the Business Partnership Program and recruitment of new Business Partners. We will also focus on improving the GSM’s financial stability and helping to reduce the School’s reliance on public funds. While our alumni giving levels improved significantly this past year, we still lag behind those of Berkeley (Haas) at 17 percent and UCLA (Anderson) at 20 percent. To be mentioned in the same sentence as these great schools, we don’t need to match their giving rates—we need to exceed them.

Given all this exciting activity, I hope you are asking, “What can I do to help?” Here are some ideas:

  • Refer colleagues who would make great GSM students to the Admission Office;
  • Recruit and hire GSM graduates as interns and fulltime employees;
  • Volunteer for a board committee (e.g., Fundraising, Alumni Awards or Student Fellowship Committees);
  • Become a Class Agent;
  • Attend GSM events;
  • Refer your company to be a Business Partner;
  • Give to the GSM Annual Fund;
  • Take a Seat in Gallagher Hall;
  • Provide suggestions and feedback to the board.

I’d like to thank John Argo ‘04 who served as president of the board for the past three years and was instrumental in reformulating the board. John’s vision has resulted in a much stronger organization that is more capable of helping the School achieve everything we are capable of achieving.

And one last thank you to the three board directors who rolled off the end of June: Randall Fairchild ‘98, Yvette Hatton ‘06 and Osman Mohammed ‘03. These alumni spent countless hours over the last three years working to improve the Alumni Association and the School.

Best regards, 

Brian Hoblit ‘07

President, UC Davis Graduate School of Management Alumni Association

(916) 501-7139