General information

Mock Interview Requirement

This program will be one of the most valued exercises you will participate in during your job search at the GSM. It will give you an opportunity to fine-tune your interview skills, which may be the key to landing your summer internship and/or career position. You will need to start sharpening your interview skills at the beginning of the year, not at the end. Your internship search begins now.

Volunteer recruiters, HR professionals, area executives and alumni will conduct the mock interviews and provide feedback. The recorded interview is 20 minutes long and designed primarily to better prepare you for the MBA-level interview experience. You will receive 20 minutes of confidential feedback from the interviewer. Then you and another professional will view the DVD recording together, identifying your interview strengths and areas for improvement.

We have requested our interviewers ask questions that address core competencies that most MBA-level recruiters are seeking. In addition, we ask our interviewers and feedback volunteers to complete an evaluation form for each student. These forms will be submitted to Career Development for our confidential records.

On the day of your mock interview, please be on time and dressed appropriately, just as you would for a professional job interview. It is expected that you are familiar with the job descriptions and have researched the company of the interviewer as if you were applying for an internship or career position.