Our Vision
General information

Our Vision
Discover the Core Purpose and Values of the GSM Alumni Association

Directors of the Graduate School of Management Alumni Association (GSMAA) board have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the UC Davis Graduate School of Management community. The GSM is a young and great School, and one stakeholder can make a huge impact on the future of the program. A stronger program makes for a stronger alumni base, and ultimately, a more valuable degree.

GSMAA Core Purpose

  • Foster and contribute to a close-knit alumni community
  • Promote the competitiveness and value of our well-rounded graduates
  • Introduce and integrate members into the business community
  • Forward a world presence and perspective

GSMAA Core Values

  • Passionate and Energetic Leadership
  • GSM Community Development
  • A Continuing Commitment of Service to the GSM

The GSMAA mission is to facilitate strong affiliations among fellow alumni, current students, faculty, staff and the communities we share. The association will foster the continuing professional development of alumni and promote opportunities to enhance the reputation of the School.