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Passion. Devotion. Success.

As alumni, we all gained from our time at the Graduate School of Management. We expanded our understanding of accounting, economics, marketing and other business issues and endeavors. We developed lifelong friends. Whatever our field, the School provided an opportunity to give our chosen careers a boost—or forge a new one.

Given these rich rewards, are you passionately devoted to the success of the School?

There are many ways, big and small, that you can help:

  • Have you given a gift to the School yet this fiscal year? An annual donation shows your support and demonstrates to incoming students and others a sense of the passion you feel towards the School. This year, we have set a goal of 15 percent alumni participation in the Annual Fund—will you be one of the 400 GSM alumni needed to reach this goal? We lag behind our peer schools at Berkeley and UCLA in alumni donation participation. To compete successfully we need to match or exceed their participation numbers.
  • Do you make yourself available for informational interviews? Devote time to providing career advice to incoming and current students—and even fellow alumni—who value your expertise and experience.
  • Have you recommended a student for admission or hired or recommended hiring a UC Davis MBA? This ensures that the School’s momentum continues.
  • Are you committed to expanding and enriching our community? Last year, Paige O’Connell’07 started a San Francisco networking group that meets quarterly to bring together alumni and students. Vinny Catalano ’97, Graham McDougal ’03 and Tina Angell ’99 started an alumni network in the Sacramento region that has been going strong for more than six years. If there is a networking group that you believe is missing, why not start one?
  • Have you joined the School’s LinkedIn and Facebook groups? It’s a great and easy way to stay in touch with your classmates and help forge connections that will make our alumni network stronger.
  • Have you reached out to the Alumni Association’s board to volunteer your time? As our board matures, we are hoping to expand our reach and will need a corps of volunteers devoted to the cause.

The Graduate School of Management is a wonderful place, and we are all lucky to have attended. Let’s work together and transform it into one of the best business schools in the world. As alumni, we have a powerful voice in helping the School achieve its potential. It will take all of our passion and devotion to achieve this success.

Warm regards,

Brian Hoblit ’07
President, Graduate School of Management Alumni Association