General information

Placing images in the body of your text

At times, the default position of an image is perfect, but sometimes you need to drop images throughout your post. Here are the instructions to do so.

Step 1: Login & Go to the Page You Want to Work on.


Step 2: Edit your post and upload your desired image(s)

Important: Notice the image shortcode that appears at the top right of each picture you upload (e.g. )

Step 3: Paste the corresponding image shortcode in the body of your text.

Repeat this step for all images you’d like to include in the body of your post. Text will wrap around these images automatically so you don’t have to worry about formatting.

Note: Image size and formatting have some presets by default. If you need any modifications to these, just email Lindsay Hardy. I’ll be happy to to help.

Step 4: Once You are Done, Save or Cancel Your Changes.

  • Saved changes will be sent to me via email, at which point, I’ll approve and they will go live.
  • If you’ve made a mess of things, just hit cancel. Only changes that are saved will be recorded.