General information

Sacramento Textbooks and Textpaks

Textbooks for the Sacramento MBA Program courses for part-time students are now stocked in the Davis campus bookstore only.

FALL TEXTBOOKS ARE AVAILABLE NOW. You can order your textbooks online. These books may not be available for pick up or shipping until after September 1.

The UC Davis Stores is located at the Memorial Union.
Telephone: (530) 752-2707
Summer Hours: Monday through Friday,  8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday,  Noon – 5 p.m.
Sunday, CLOSED

The UC Davis Stores will charge your credit card the cost of the order and the UPS shipping fee. When calling, tell them the course number (e.g.,  MGP 200A). The UC Davis Stores seek to have books stocked and available for purchase at least one week before classes begin.

Textpak Information

Textpaks may be obtained through the website and may be downloaded in electronic form one month prior to the first day of classes. Accessing textpaks online entails being enrolled in the course.

Students enrolled in the course will receive email notification when their textpaks are public. Instructions, including the textpak password, will be included in the email. Students may then login, search for their course and then begin viewing the pak online. It is that easy!

Once the textpak is accessed, students may choose to view textpaks online, print textpaks themselves or order a hard copy that will be sent directly to the student via First Class mail. If a student decides to order a printed textpak, it will be shipped immediately and will be received within 3-4 days of the order date. The advantage of using over traditional textpak providers is the convenience of instantaneous access to course readings online and it provides students with the choice to print materials or not.

Sacramento Part-time students will not be charged for viewing text pak on-line or for ordering a printed copy.