General information

Strategic Discipline
Defining the activities which are not aligned with our values

In addition to articulating our core values, areas of distinctiveness and our resource engine, the School also must exhibit strategic discipline to communicate what we will not do. We must have the discipline to say “No thank you” to activities that are not aligned with our values, distinctiveness and resources.

Therefore, we will not:

  • Jeopardize the quality of faculty, students, or programs simply to grow the size of the School.
  • Attempt to compete in educational markets where the School has no competitive advantage.
  • Engage in actions that compromise the reputation or integrity of the School.
  • Overextend our financial resources as to imbalance the School’s financial standing.

Years from now, we expect to look back and say that now was the time that we launched a re-energized strategy to propel the School to even greater visibility and impact on the national and international stages. Working smarter and harder, we will accomplish this goal together.