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Summer Webinar Series & Assignments
Career Development Handbook for Daytime Students

Entering MBA students are required to complete the Summer Webinar Series & Assignments prior to attending orientation. These webinars are housed on the UC Davis Canvas. There are nine webinars with accompanying assignments.

  1. Introduction Webinar and schedule your Career Launch Session

    View the Introduction Webinar then schedule your Career Launch Session with Inger Maher, Assistant Director of Career Development.
  2. Self Assessment Webinar and complete Career Leader self-assessment

    No two students entering our MBA program are exactly alike and graduates from the GSM have pursued a wide variety of business careers. The question is not “what are the best MBA jobs?”, but rather, “what is the best business career for you?” To help you answer these questions the Graduate School of Management has made available to you (at no cost) Career Leader, the premier online business career self-assessment program for each full-time student.

    If you haven’t by now, you must complete the self-assessment program Career Leader (all three inventories: Business Career Interest Inventory, Management and Professional Reward Profile and Management and Professional Abilities Profile) as a prerequisite for Career Development counseling. To access Career Leader you will need the password provided by Career Development in this webinar.

    Self-assessment webinar
    Career Leader self-assessment
    More self-assessment tools
  3. Résumé and cover letter Webinars; complete and upload résumé and cover letter to SmartSite

    Résumé Webinar
    Cover letter Webinar
    More résumé and cover letter resources
  4. Networking Webinar, then draft your Elevator Pitch
    Networking is one of the most successful methods for a job search, and informational interviewing is perhaps the most effective way to network. True networking is about building lasting professional relationships which are mutually beneficial, rather than about asking people for jobs or “using” people.

    Networking allows you to tap into the hidden job market and to locate vacancies before they go public. Most people in industry are flattered to be asked for their advice and if pursued appropriately will make time to share it.

    Networking webinar
    Elevator Pitch
    More networking resources
  5. Informational Interviewing Webinar, compose email, complete informational interview and upload to Canvas

    Through informational interviews, you can seek advice and information about how to best position yourself in your search and how to be most competitive in a difficult hiring market. More importantly, you can learn from an insider and become knowledgeable about a particular function, industry and/or even a company’s culture. If done well, informational interviews become a platform for expanding your network.

    Prior to beginning Orientation, each incoming student is required to complete one informational interview and then post key points to Canvas.

    Informational interviewing Webinar
    Informational interview Checklist
    Informational Interview do’s and don’ts
    More informational interview resources
  6. Job Search Webinar, begin filling in your initial search targets

    In addition to the Job Search Webinar, read through the resources isted in Part V of the Career Development Handbook.

    Job search Webinar
    More job search resources
  7. Interviewing Webinar, begin writing out STAR Accomplishment stories

    In addition to the Interviewing Webinar, read through Part IV of the Career Development Handbook for very detailed information on types of interviews and preparation procedures.

    Interviewing Webinar
    More interviewing resources
  8. Symplicity Tutorial, update profile and upload résumé to Symplicity.

    Symplicity is an online job bank and web-based recruiting system. This webinar will review the system and demonstrate how to upload documents, apply for jobs, schedule counseling appointments, register for events and more. You will need to update your personal profile and upload your résumé for this assignment (once approved by a counselor).