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World-renowned Business Innovators

At the UC Davis Graduate School of Management you will develop close and lasting relationships with our internationally renowned professors. You’ll learn from experts in their fields who are establishing new frontiers of knowledge and developing innovative solutions for today’s business challenges.

Through their pioneering research, teaching and consulting work, our faculty helps shape the management practices of leading U.S. and multinational corporations, nonprofits and public agencies—and the global markets they operate in. Their ideas are put into
action by top executives. The result: better strategic decisions and more effective leadership.

“UC Davis MBA students experience first-hand what it takes for an idea to become a product in the market. They emerge having actually built businesses from the ground up, and developed close and lasting relationships with faculty, their peers and the entrepreneurial community both on and off the campus.”
– Professor Andrew Hargadon

You’ll study with leading-edge scholars who know how academic theory relates to real-world conditions. They are dedicated to sharing these practical dimensions in the classroom—and one-on-one with you over coffee or lunch. You will quickly see their commitment to your personal and professional development and success.

Leadership happens every moment of every day. You always have an opportunity to influence what other people do and why they do it by being a role model. I help students understand their leadership strengths and weaknesses, pushing them to work outside of their comfort zones—for instance, by encouraging those who are not ‘natural leaders’ to take the initiative.

– Kimberly D. Elsbach

Leading-edge Scholars

Trained at prestigious schools such as Stanford University, The Wharton School, Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, the University of Chicago, Cornell University and Northwestern University, our professors are progressive thought leaders whose research, service and contributions place them among the most influential trailblazers in their fields.

  • Brad Barber is one of the most cited experts on finance and investor psychology.
  • Hemant Bhargava is an expert in technology management and the information technology industry.
  • Steven Currall is a leading authority on negotiation, corporate governance and public perceptions of emerging technologies.
  • Kimberly Elsbach is a top scholar in organizational behavior, leadership, corporate reputation and image management.
  • Andrew Hargadon is a globally visible expert on technology management, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Prasad Naik is a pioneer in marketing and advertising strategy.