Developing a plan that further elevates the School’s visibility regionally, nationally and globally.

In August 2009, the Graduate School of Management launched an initiative entitled, “Strategic Renewal for the Graduate School of Management: A Shared Endeavour.” The goal was to develop an innovative strategic plan that further elevates the School’s visibility regionally, nationally and globally.

In formulating our strategic plan, we have used an evidence-based approach that melds qualitative and quantitative data to provide us with actionable insights. The plan is the culmination of the input from our stakeholders: faculty, students, staff, alumni, donors, consultants, friends and members of the business community. The strategic renewal process has resulted in articulation of the School’s key areas of distinctiveness and our strategic initiatives. The School’s plan is also closely aligned with “UC Davis: A Vision of Excellence.”

Our plan serves as a guide for how to leverage our competitive advantages and
make resource allocations that are aligned with our strategic priorities. This is an
“evergreen” plan, which will be revised on a regular basis. It provides the
framework for the School’s performance plans that will drive each year’s
operating plan and budget. Our performance plans will include outcome metrics
and will guide new investments of our resources.