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Incoming MBA Students (only):

Your one-time fee of $200 covers the two years of your Full-Time MBA student membership. Full-Time MBA students may join here.

Incoming MPAc Students (only):

Your one-time fee of $100 covers the one year of your MPAc student membership. MPAc students may join here.

Membership Perks

The Associated Students of Management (ASM) is first, and foremost, the elected voice of the study body.  We work closely with the administration to improve the GSM experience and provide the best opportunities for students to be involved in the community. In your short one to two years at the GSM, you will have the chance to engage in a variety of activities, both academically and professionally. 

The ASM is the governing body that facilities a number of programs and events that students interact with everyday. The unique aspect is that the organization is student run and supported through ASM membership. Membership gives students access to the best opportunities the GSM has to offer, including: