Sponsor Projects
Our MBA Student Project Teams generate winning solutions for our corporate “sponsors”

From investigating new markets for Fortune 500 companies to exploring financing scenarios for start-ups, our MBA Student Project Teams generate winning solutions for our corporate “sponsors” while gaining practical, hands-on experience and earning required course credit.

A typical project lasts 20 weeks. The team meets regularly with the corporate “sponsors” and works under the guidance of a Team Advisor, meeting at least once a week to track progress. The advisor plays a critical role as a sounding board for the students’ ideas and conclusions.

A written interim report is provided at the mid-way point; a final report and oral presentation of the teams findings are presented at the project’s conclusion.

More than 80 percent of our center’s clients adopt or implement the student teams’ recommendations.

It’s important to note that the corporate sponsor commits the necessary time and resources to the project, and is responsible for related expenses including but not limited to postage, printing and travel.

All confidential information is protected by a nondisclosure agreement.

Center partners with your organization’s management to address challenges and complete strategic projects, while allowing our students practical, hands-on consulting experience and credit toward their MBA degree.

Our MBA student consultants work with field study advisors and GSM faculty to address critical management problems for business, government and not-for-profit clients.

Join the growing number of companies that have benefitted from our MBA students’ knowledge and skills.