Alumni Association Class Notes


Betsey Archer: Retirement is coming up. At the end of the year, I will be selling my financial planning practice and moving into “the next phase.” I can’t believe it’s been 28 years since we survived as the “first class.”

Barry Greenberg: I am the regional recruiting/business development manager at MTM Technologies, a national IT solutions provider that has strong partnerships and certification status with Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix and NetApp. I am responsible for all recruiting and client development west of the Rockies for ITPro Services, our national, in-house search practice (all levels and types of IT professionals). I still live in Alameda with my domestic partner and soul mate, Leida Padway. My daughter, Hannah, graduated in May from Cornell’s School of Hotel Management and will begin working at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Miami this fall. For the past 10-plus years I have privately tutored middle school, high school and college students in math, and very much enjoy this.

Dean Pedrotti: I am a fire captain and 27-year veteran of the Phoenix Fire Department. My article “PTSD: Bringing Excess Baggage Home” was the cover story on the March 2011 issue of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services. The article details how paramedics and firefighters can increase their awareness and knowledge on crisis calls when treating veterans affected by post-traumatic stress.


Barry Augus: I created a new company and launched the Tres Agaves tequila and margarita mixer brand in 2010 ( We are building a great brand while revolutionizing the margarita to make it fresher and better!


Heidi Bruins Green: I have been in the Bay Area for almost eight years now, and love it more every year. I am doing instructional design and project management, developing training and materials for accounting and auditing staff, using my UC Davis MBA skills plus 25 years of accounting and training experience to do work I love. My husband and I have been together almost 10 years. His (our) daughter is working on a master’s in social welfare. His (our) son is still finding his way. I have been doing research on the experiences of bisexual people in the workplace, hoping to publish it later this year. It is groundbreaking in both reach (17 countries) and topic (most studies of bisexual people focus on health and sexuality development issues). Please contact me if you would like to learn about our findings.


Micky Singh: After working as a stock broker for almost 15 years I sold my stake in the broking house and have joined an online B2B portal named as their COO. Times are very exciting as there is a lot of private equity interest in the Indian Internet space. On the home front Ritu and I have two daughters: Tania, now 18, and preparing to enter college, and Seleena, 16, who wants to be a doctor. If you will be visiting New Delhi, please get in touch. I would love to have you over.


Pam Allio: I am back to work full time as the director of marketing for a social media technology start-up. I am the beginning of Bulbstorm’s Bay Area presence (headquartered in Phoenix).Exciting stuff—planning for brand awareness and growing the company.

Karol Aure Flynn: Moved from New York back to the Flynn ranch in California, where the kids are enjoying the open space and ranch life. Working with great clients and colleagues at Entira, a niche consulting firm for all sizes of agribusiness, including start-ups.

Dennis Hong: 2010 was a major transition year for me. I lost my job after 18 years with Hewlett-Packard, the last 10 as a software learning program manager. I took time off the second half of the year to work on personal projects and engage in personal discovery, and started looking for a new job in November. I’ve also taken this opportunity to do a reading “sabbatical.” Our twins are now five and in kindergarten. Watching them develop is a joyful and wondrous experience! We moved from Fremont to East Dublin in late 2008, and enjoy our new life here. I welcome reconnecting with former classmates.

Amy Levin: I got a promotion April 2010 and am working at the Employment Development Department in downtown Sacramento as an information architect. I am also teaching a Kindermusik class to homeless children at the Mustard Seed School (part of the Loaves & Fishes shelter) in Sacramento, and am pursuing a music therapy certification for after I retire from my State job.


Lisa Lane Kasperzak: My son, Alex, born during my first year in grad school, is now 18 and graduating high school. Exciting, but how can he be in college when I just got out?

Mick Rogers: I start Smith College School for Social Work’s Ph.D. program in clinical social work this summer. My new job as a psychotherapist and training coordinator at Sacramento State’s Student Health Services is a perfect fit with Smith’s doctoral program: Having the summers free allows me to go to Northampton, Mass., to attend classes. Sadly, Sutter Health closed the child guidance clinic I ran and worked at for the last 16 years. Pam’s third start-up, Marrone Bio Innovations, is doing very well.


Bob Huffaker: This August will mark 14 years since I moved from California to Sweden. I’m still homesick, but otherwise doing well. Personal highlights for this year will be getting married to my girl, Kari, in May at a romantic ancient ruin in Hamar, Norway. My training goal is to finish the Swedish “classic,” a mix of long-distance skiing, bike riding, running and swimming races every three to four months over the year. At work I have shifted to ABB Offshore Wind Connections. We are doing billion-Euro projects to connect massive wind parks in the North Sea to Germany, Great Britain and other countries.


Frances Chadwick: I am the financial manager for the weapons program at Los Alamos National Laboratory in northern New Mexico. When I’m not dealing with the latest Continuing Resolution from Congress, I am busy looking after our three children, ages 11, 10 and 6.

Paul Krueger: I’ve been based in Singapore for the last seven years, selling enterprise software solutions to banks. Now with Pegasystems. Enjoying Asia with my wife, Traci (UC Davis, MA in Communications ‘95), and two boys, Cole and Charlie.

Kati Nelson Bell: Ultrarunning is my passion and now I am giving back to this crazy world of runners. I am the volunteer coordinator for the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance runs (50K/50 mile/100 mile) on July 16–17. If you want to see what it’s all about, e-mail me and I will find a fun place for you to volunteer. Beautiful surroundings, happy folks, great food…it’s just a big party!


Jennifer Burke Russell: My husband, Iain, and I are enjoying life with our three kids: Gillian, 7, and Sean and Fiona, 2. Most recently I was managing programs at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business in their public management program as a continuation of my career in socially responsible business and nonprofit management.

Larry Hansen: I retired after 35 years in the UC and Community College systems, and am now starting a new career in the nonprofit sector as grants and contracts manager for the Public Health Institute. My wife, Julie, became a licensed psychologist last year and is in private practice in Davis. Our daughter, Michelle, 17, graduated from high school early and is now attending college. Our son, Erik, is 13 and into karate and guitar.

Randy Potter: I am vice president of Earth Bound Homes, a Silicon Valley–based custom home builder focused on highly efficient and sustainable construction. We just finished California’s first LEED Platinum zero-energy/zero-carbon home and have built the three highest Green Point–rated homes in the state.


Mitch Chan: Sorry if you missed me and my backflips for the last few Picnic Days. Whatever free time has evaporated because I’ve recently been promoted to an Air Force subject matter expert, which is half technical (principal engineer) and half supervisor (to 20 new college hires). Both my kids will graduate from college in the next two years (and hopefully find career jobs).

Michelle Kahler: Just started a new and exciting position with a consulting company in management and technology focused in Sacramento. I am hoping to learn more about the renewable energy industry over the next few years and expand my project management expertise.

Byron Streitz: We are doing well. My wife’s massage business is doing quite well despite the continued poor economic news, and my real estate business is starting to pick up. For those with money, it is a fantastic time to buy.


Kevin Crow: Wow. Almost 13 years since I graduated? Really? Kids are growing up fast. School, scouts, soccer coaching and tennis are recurring themes around the house. In the office, I’m working on educating the world about solid state drives. I believe the technology is the best thing to happen to the PC in the past 10+ years. Unfortunately, adoption has been slow. Overall, things are great!

Gayle Guest-Brown: Obtained my project management credential last year. In April I facilitated the risk management module of the PMI Sacramento Valley PMP Prep Course. I continue my advocacy and community work for domestic peace.


Chris Carroll: We’re enjoying our last few months in the northern Virginia area (Falls Church) prior to our move to Paris this summer. I’ll be working with the NATO Research and Technology Agency for a 3-year assignment (and possibly longer). My son, Jay, 5, and daughter, Ava Jane, 3, are ecstatic, but not more than my lovely bride, Andrea. If you’re in Neuilly-sur-Seine, look us up!

Brian Weigel: 2010 was an exciting year. My wife and I celebrated the birth of our son, Evan, and I joined Juniper Networks as director, sales operations. Having a great time with both!


David Bruggeman: My wife and four children just spent a year teaching at the International Christian School of Budapest. I am now working in marketing for Comodo.

Yafei Cheng: Enjoying every single day with my 1-year-old son!

Nimish Shelat and Sulu Sheth: Our daughter, Suri, turns 3 this June. She started pre-school in March and is just a bundle of joy. Professionally, we are both doing very well.


Karim Kanaan: My wife and I bought a small cafe in Boston last year and are having great fun running it. The plan is to open a second location in the second half of this year. Please stop by if you are in the area (

Terry Morris: Life is good. We are on our fifth year of full-time cruising on our 50-foot sailboat. I just completed my open water scuba diving program and am now a certified PADI diver. We have been anchored off the reef in beautiful Roatan Island in the Western Caribbean and simply enjoying the tropical breezes. This is why we all worked so hard when younger—so that we can do what we want when retired.


Pete Anderson: After becoming certified as a USA triathlon race director, I will be directing a kids’ triathlon this summer in Colorado.

Karen Bennett: My husband, Peter, and I have been running a small B&B and restaurant in rural Vermont for the last several years. Last fall I was offered a position with TetraTech to start a new project in Ethiopia to manage the design effort for the construction/renovation of hundreds of health centers all over rural Ethiopia. Of course, I said yes. So we put the property on the market, packed up and moved to Addis Ababa. We’re loving it! If you ever get to this side of the world, please look us up. And if you want a lovely old property in rural Vermont, we have one for sale at a great price.

Chris Jackson: I left Intel in 2007 to found a managed service information technology company for corporate and state customers. It has gone well, and I use everything I learned at the GSM on a daily basis. Building a start-up is a lot of fun, plus we have exactly zero boring meetings. I have a 2-year-old and a 4-month-old baby, both boys. My oldest is at Boston College.


Tres Carpenter: Dana and I work for a 3-year-old girl and 6-month-old boy. I “moonlight” as a money manager for ZWJ Investment Counsel. We are very involved with a greenfield park/playground development in our neighborhood. I am also working on an early coronary by doing Crossfit at my friend’s gym. Hope everyone is well. We miss you guys and California. Let us know if you find yourself in Atlanta.

Eric Zander: Since I so rarely see any of you and have never written anything, here’s a quick summary of my escapades since that fateful day in June 2003: I placed 144th out of about 30,000 in the 2003 Chicago Marathon. And then I stopped running. With an MBA, lots of debt and nothing better to do, in 2004 I sold my soul and became a management consultant. After a few years, I had an epiphany: There is something out there better than bacon, and it is salami. In pursuit of this higher calling, I’ve been working to get a salami-making business off the ground. We have a pilot plant up and running and hope to be in full production by this fall. You all are always welcome to visit/stay with me here in D.C. In addition to the history and culture of our nation’s capital, I can promise you lots of cured meats and jerky!

Nicole Whiting: Our daughter, Emi Martin, will celebrate her first birthday in June. We are enjoying parenthood and life in the Bay Area.


Marie Chaisson: After 6 years in the Chilean wine industry, I have made the switch to an innovative company called Patagonia Sur, a for-profit conservation project in Chile.

Chris Rector: Still enjoying Ernst & Young, where I am focused on helping clients manage large programs and mature their project management practices. My main client is Kaiser Permanente, which keeps me close to home. My girls are now almost 5 and 7, and we are all enjoying Walnut Creek.

Anya Reid: Great news and sad news: Patrick was accepted into a vet med residency program in North Carolina, one of 12 slots in North America! Bad news is I am leaving my wonderful job at the GSM this summer. I have had a fantastic time here and so enjoyed building relationships with all our brilliant alumni. I will be reading my Innovator and alumni e-news with interest from our new home in Raleigh, N.C.

Dmitry Semenov: Started a new job as vice president, commercial relationship manager with Umpqua Bank in Roseville, Calif., providing financing for commercial real estate, municipalities and public agencies, and middle-market businesses.


Ben Fineberg: Last summer was a busy one. First our son, Sam, joined the clan. Then, I switched from Clorox to Method Products, where I’m currently director of financial planning and analysis.

Jen Frase: I recently decided to combine my love of photography with my love of business. I started my own company, Jen Frase Photography, and I’m having a blast!

Shannon Warner: My husband and I moved from San Francisco to Fair Oaks, Calif., and last September we had a baby girl, Maya. I am still enjoying my career at Intel and currently manage a team associated with the supply line of Intel’s personal computer products.

Chris Welsh: Now proud dad to two daughters, ages 2.5 years and 5 months. Professionally, still finding and solving client business problems with the help of IBM software and people.


Roger Schotsal: Started a new position with Juniper Networks doing network architecture consulting with their professional services organization.

Chris Zobrist: I’m in my fifth year of working and teaching in Vietnam, and it’s been a great experience. I’m helping to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem here, which includes forming the first angel investors group, and a y-combinator-style seed fund. For more info, visit or contact me at And if you’re planning a trip to Vietnam, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!


Travis Barham: Still working my “day job” in finance with Safeway, but recently earned my real estate broker’s license so I can now work independently in real estate transactions. Finished the garage at our house and now starting the backyard!

Nathan Chambers: My wife and I had our first baby in October, a son named William.

Landon Tymochko: In July 2010, my wife, Deanna, and I were blessed with our beautiful son, Austin. I’m enjoying fatherhood and the constantly changing wine business at Gallo.


Jeff Ansley: I continue to build my solar design firm, Natron Resources, and have doubled the number of employees in the past year. The focus of 2010 was effectiveness and capacity building; this year’s focus is efficiency and productivity. Now that the building blocks of our team are in place, we are out to grab a much larger market share through aggressive pricing and short lead times. My collaboration with other GSM alums in Greenlight Apparel continues to be successful and satisfying. Last year, while visiting my design team in India, I took time to visit the charities that Greenlight’s revenues support, and collected some great video for our website.

Wesley Chang: Spent much of 2009 post-graduation job-seeking, networking and playing Zynga games. The latter actually turned into a job at Zynga in March 2010.

Christine Chen: It’s been a year since I took over as managing director at American Repertory Ballet.It’s been a busy, but exciting ride to oversee the turnaround of a $3-million, 56-year-old institution. We had a great season of successes. While it may always be an uphill battle for survival in the nonprofit arts, it’s always rewarding.

Diana (Bethge) Finster: After graduation, I moved to Seattle with my husband and secured a great job with Microsoft. Currently, I am the product manager of global content ads for Microsoft. Given the Y! Search deal and international market roll-outs, work has been challenging but also extremely rewarding. When not working, I am getting used to the rain drizzle and spending lots of time outdoors with our year-old Airedale terrier.

Courtney Hans: We had our second child, Duncan, in November, and are now moving to Boise, Idaho, to work for LivingSocial Adventures as the Boise city manager.

Jamie Kitano: I am working in the IP litigation group of Morrison & Foerster, LLP, advising companies on a wide variety of intellectual property issues, including litigation and patent prosecution. I even have the opportunity to continue working with GSM alums who have ventured out and started their own businesses.

Jake Taylor: The fund has launched and is off to a very promising start. Our son is starting pre-school soon and we’ll be having another boy in July. My cup truly runneth over.

Tara Turner Schuelke: In September 2010, I married Jacob Schuelke in Yountville, Calif. Since graduation, I have taken up running, and completed my first marathon in March. Over the course of my training this past year, I completed 14 half marathons, three 18-mile runs and one 22-mile run.


Todd Armstrong: I’ve joined Microsoft’s IT organization as a program manager supporting Microsoft’s marketing efforts. I’ve moved to Issaquah, Wash., and my family joined me in April. I’m excited to put my MBA to use!

Keith Aulick: After graduation I moved to Malawi with my wife, who is a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Once here I began consulting with several local companies and non-governmental organizations in areas related to organizational development and agricultural enterprise development. Last September I joined the Academy for Educational Development as the regional technical advisor for Southern Africa on the development grants program, providing technical assistance to 10 local organizations working in five countries primarily in project management systems, financial management and donor compliance, and monitoring and evaluation. I constantly draw from my coursework at the GSM, especially in organizational behavior, statistics and marketing.

Ariana Brill: I’m working as a post-production coordinator at Nickelodeon Animation Studios in Burbank, Calif.

Alison Crowe: My husband, Chris, and I welcomed our first child, William Crowe-Purdy, on December 23, 2010. My company, Plata Wine Partners, recently acquired the Garnet Pinot Noir brand from Saintsbury Winery, so I am now the winemaker for Garnet Pinot Noir. I was also promoted last fall to partner/director of winemaking for Plata Wine Partners.

Dave Flory: I have the privilege of working for Reata Pharmaceuticals in Irving, Tex. Soon after I came on board, Reata inked the most lucrative licensing deal per square mile in the pharmaceutical industry’s history. I have enjoyed working on projects used to support the record-breaking deal, the initiation of our pivotal phase III clinical study, and development of our corporate budgeting process. The GSM gave me the ability to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Minh Ho: I recently co-founded Clownfish Media, LLC, a start-up specializing in creating dynamic and interactive digital media that enhance the restaurant and retail experience. I would love to hear from former classmates and professors who have insight or knowledge about this emerging field. Please come visit us at

Sarah Molina: I am consulting with PricewaterhouseCoopers Health Industries Advisory practice, specializing in ICD-10 implementation and, in recent months, working principally in Chicago.

Angel Penilla: Since graduating in December 2010, I was offered and accepted a business systems analyst position at Brocade and moved to San Jose in February. I continue to put my MBA knowledge to work every day at my new position, as well as COO of The Mejor Tequila Company, LLC.

Donald Smith: In February, I took a position as campus administrator with my undergraduate alma mater, The Master’s College. It is a new campus, only 2 years old, and a wonderful opportunity to grow this new venture into a thriving community.

Praveen Srikantaiah: I was hired within 3 weeks of returning to India. I am excited about how much is happening out here!

Sam Wainer: Connected with Osh Rasmussen, Monica Hartlauer and Kim Whistler during a business trip out west. Miss you GSM’ers!

Jason Wong: I recently became senior manager of global supply chain at Amyris, where I’m busy applying the operations management skills acquired at the GSM. I look forward to the opportunity to develop a sustainable-energy value chain. My wife, Karen, and I are expecting our first baby boy in August. We are very excited to begin parenthood! In March I participated in the Oakland Marathon. I am now training for the Eugene Marathon, hoping to finish under 3 hours and beat my personal record.


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