UC Davis Intel Scholarships 2019

UC Davis has a long standing relationship with Intel and we value the high quality students we get each year which enriches our classrooms. For this reason we have implemented a special scholarship for employees at Intel. (This is an addition to possible funding from Intel.)

In total, we offer 5 awards in different levels.

  • 1 award for $12,000/yr ($36,000 total*)
  • 2 awards for $6,000/yr ($18,000 total*)
  • 2 awards for $3,000/yr ($9,000 total*)

*subject to meeting the standard performance requirements while in the program. 


  • The award is awarded based on merit
  • Need to submit GMAT/GRE score
  • Need to submit before the deadline March 13


To be considered for the award

  • Submit application before March 13
  • Interviews will be held at Intel Campus between April 8-12.
  • Award will be announced on April 17


We hosted a special webinar for Intel on Jan 29. Watch it here:

How to apply

Make it manageable. In just five minutes you can create your login and input some basic information. The application portal will then help you move forward in your application by providing a checklist.

Read more information about admissions requirement

Connect with us

Connect with the Associate Director of Admissions to get hands on help and information about the application and the program.