CSR Information Per IT/Stats/Ops Course
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207 Management Information Systems

Professor Hemant Bhargava

The e-Choupal case discusses how firms can use IT to empower a whole population (including its customers) and yet create gains for itself.It discusses how ITC (an Indian conglomerate – one of their key areas is trade in agricultural goods) set up a vast rural information system that provided farmers with (hitherto missing) information about weather, prices, farming practices, review of seeds etc., that enabled them to grow better crops, get better yields, and sell them at better prices. At the same time ITC was able to transform the supply chain, obtain better agricultural inputs to sell on the world market at higher prices, and create new markets and channels for their other upstream products.

203 Forecasting and Managerial Research Methods

Professor Chih-Ling Tsai

I teach students not only statistics but how to be good human beings and those traits will carry over when they become managers in their companies.

250 Technology Competition and Strategy

Professor Hemant Bhargava

Regarding hands-on learning, students do a very substantive project that integrates and applies many concepts learned throughout the course (and also heavily uses knowledge from previous core courses). It counts for about 30% of the grade, and work involves from beginning of the course to the very end. It is quite challenging, but at the end students say they gain a lot from it.