CSR Data Per Management Course
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251 Management of Innovation

Professor Andrew B. Hargadon

In this course, I talk about sustainable innovation, and how it differs from traditional models and discussions of innovation. A discussion of business ethics is included in a lecture on the role of power and politics in innovation.

There are a series of individual and group projects around innovation, which require problem-definition, problem-solving, team work, prototyping and presentation.

291 Topics in Social Entrepreneurship

Professor Cleveland Justis

Social entrepreneurship is inclusive of many global issues. The basic approach of the course is that business, government, and NGOs need to take take a more entrepreneurial approach and that they need to extend this approach to creatively work with the other sectors. This is increasingly how the global economy works and business leaders need to understand how to work in this system.

Ethics is not a central topic but it is often discussed as it relates to the focus on social impact through entrepreneurial activity.

215 Business Law

Professor Steven Green

Throughout the course I emphasize real world legal issues as the same involve corporate social responsibility including employment law, antitrust, including global issues, U.S. securities law, bankruptcy, including entities with overseas operations, environmental law issues, including cross-border issues and intellectual property (patents, trademark and copyright) including global issues. without dispute the legal issues i address are increasingly becoming global issues. Without dispute, the legal issues I address are increasingly becoming global issues.

All of the business law topics I address involve business ethics.  As but one for example, the question of whether United States worker protections attach to foreign workers for the U.S. entity.