Business Analytics (BAx) Meetup #3
UC Hastings Alumni Reception Center (Auditorium Building 200)

UC Davis MSBA and the DSAC is excited to announce the BAxMeetups. Come be a part of this exciting series of meetups, which are tailormade to give students a chance to:

  • Expand upon topics learned in class and see how business analytics is used in top companies across the country
  • Gain exposure to multiple industries that are at the forefront of business analytics
  • Network with key business analytics stakeholders and HR recruiting professionals

 Analytics in Politics

Speaker: Peter Mohanty

Mohanty is analyzing the 2016 U.S. presidential election using his R package, which augments Kernel Regularized Least Squares (KRLS). Mohanty shows how KRLS can easily generate highly nuanced analytics that challenge simplistic narratives about the election. Mohanty was recently appointed a fellow of science, engineering and education in the Department of Statistics at Stanford University.