UC Davis @ Uber
Uber, 555 Market Street, San Francisco

Uber is hosting UC Davis students and alumni on April 30 from 6-8 p.m. at 555 Market Street, San Francisco. The event includes introductions, a tour, free dinner, and a series of lightning talks (each 5-10 minutes) from UC Davis alumni on what they do at Uber, followed by networking.

UC Davis Alumni SpeaKERS

Jason Mikami
Major: MBA (Finance and Marketing)
Team at Uber: Efficiency Engineering
Topic: Engineering Management

Laura Libby
Major: Psychology PhD
Team at Uber: Uber Labs
Topic: Bridging digital and physical worlds with behavioral science

Evan Smothers
Major: Math PhD
Team at Uber: Matching
Topic: Optimizing matching between riders and drivers

Tianxia Zhou
Major: Agricultural and Resource Economics & Statistics PhD/MS
Team at Uber: Experimentation Platform
Topic: A few applications of economics and statistics in my work at Uber

Austin Heyworth
Major: Economics & Political Science BS
Team at Uber: Policy and Communications
Topic: Transitioning from a student athlete to a career in Sacramento public affairs & using your network to your advantage

Yang Wang
Major: Computer Science PhD
Team at Uber: Visualization and Machine Learning Platform
Topic: Using visualization to accelerate Machine Learning model development

Mingmin Chen
Major: Computer Science PhD
Team at Uber: Streaming Data
Topic: Infrastructure at Uber

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