Members of Class of '04: Jeff Doherty, Vidya Murthy, Don Quinby, Chris Rector, Carol Chang, Claire Kurmel, Oksana Walton, Jake Sanders, Tracy Twist, Chris Cukor, Jane Lee, Alicia Jerome, Anya Reid, Hilary Hoeber and Ben Finkelor.
News Release

Classes of 2004 and 2005 Rally to Name Student Conference Rooms in Gallagher Hall
Class of 2004 Teams Up to Give Back

by Tim Akin

It started last December with an e-mail to fellow UC Davis MBA alumni from the Class of 2004. A court had ruled that the University of California had broken its promise to hold professional school fees steady. After the California Supreme Court rejected the University’s appeal, thousands of students across the UC system who had been enrolled before 2003 would soon receive a partial refund.

Alumnus Ted Howes ‘04 began an online conversation with his peers. He pointed out that while the weakening economy was tough on all, UC Davis was going to be seriously affected by the state’s budget deficit. He urged his classmates to consider giving some of their settlement back to the Graduate School of Management, noting how the funds could help the School.

A flurry of e-mail messages followed. “I definitely got my money’s worth and more from my GSM experience and these funds could make a real difference for the School,” wrote alumna Tracy Twist ‘04, who suggested a group class gift to name a space in Gallagher Hall. Several weeks later, after much online discussion and coordination, 36 members of the Class of 2004 have pledged more than $21,000 to name one of the student conference rooms in the new School’s building.

“Teamwork and collaboration are hallmarks of the UC Davis MBA experience and that live on well after graduation,” notes Anya Reid, an alumna of the Class of 2004 who is now an assistant dean at the School. “This is a very exciting gift for the GSM, and I’m proud to be a part of it…How appropriate for our class to name one of the rooms in which we spent so much of our time together as students. Having our Class represented in such a public way is a strong endorsement of our School and will have a lasting impact.”

High Five to the Class of 2005

by Jennifer Frase ‘05

Since graduating in 2005, a small group of us from the Full-Time MBA Program have remained the best of friends. The two years we spent at UC Davis were some of the most exciting, creative, interesting and rewarding times of our lives. We feel this way about the Graduate School of Management for many different, personal reasons, but we all agree that the friends we made and the memories we have of the School are some of our most cherished experiences.

We’ve spread out a bit since, but we still try to see each other as often as possible. During a recent reunion, Ingrid Foster, who’s often been the group leader, came up with a wonderful idea for our close-knit group to pitch in to give back to the School by naming a room in Gallagher Hall. We all jumped on board—it was an amazing way to support the School and future generations of students, and to honor the strong bonds we made.

As alumni, we feel our financial support and other contributions are critical to the School’s future. Helping to build our strong network of alumni who support one another, the School and future students will be the key to everyone’s success. The way we supported each other and our connection to the School is what pulled us together as close friends. This collective effort to name a student conference room will pay tribute to and perpetuate the type of experiences that made our time at UC Davis so special.

Once Gallagher Hall is complete, we plan to reunite in Davis to meet current UC Davis MBA students, reconnect with faculty and staff and visit the room we’ve named. As a group, we’re thrilled to be a part of the future of the Graduate School of Management, which is where we built our lasting friendships and paved the way to our successful futures.

Participating members of the Class of 2005:

  • Pejman Azarm
  • Andrew Ekstrom
  • Benjamin Fineberg
  • Ingrid Foster
  • Heather Frank
  • Jennifer Frase
  • Christopher Gormely
  • Sahra Halpern
  • Joshua Leachman
  • Christopher Lynch
  • Mark Meyering
  • Pauny Rezai
  • Andrew Simanek
  • Isho Tama-Sweet
  • Amit Tiwari
  • Christopher Welsh