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The Economist 2016 Ranks UC Davis MBA in the World’s Top Tier
Faculty Quality Ranks No. 10 Globally
MBA Job Placement No. 11

(Davis, CA) — The Economist’s 2016 Which MBA? Full-Time MBA ranking ranks the UC Davis MBA program among the best in the world and the U.S.

The Graduate School of Management’s faculty quality is ranked No. 10 globally, up five spots since 2014.

The School’s job placement rate for MBA graduates is also ranked among the best in the world at No. 11, further testament to the high employer demand for UC Davis MBAs.

The Economist 2016 Ranks UC Davis MBA in the World's Top TierOverall, The Economist places UC Davis among the top accredited MBA programs in North America, at No. 47, and No. 71 globally. 143 schools participated.

UC Davis also was ranked No. 22 globally for for graduates’ percentage increase on pre-MBA salary.

The Economist solicits input from more than 140 business schools and students/alumni, and then measures and weights the data to calculate the overall rankings. The rankings are based on various components’ importance among business students and alumni who graduated within the last three years.

Data were collected during spring 2016, using two surveys. The first is completed by schools with eligible programs and covers quantitative matters such as the salary of graduates, the average GMAT scores of students and the number of registered alumni. This accounts for around 80% of the ranking. The remaining 20% comes from a qualitative survey filled out by current MBA students and a school’s most recent graduating MBA class.

Memory has been built into the rankings by taking a weighted average of data from 2016 (50%), 2015 (30%) and 2013 (20%) to provide a rounded picture of the school over a period of time.

In addition to the UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s consistent rank among the elite MBA programs in the U.S., the global reach of The Economist’s results helps raise the visibility of UC Davis among the world’s top business schools and MBA candidates, especially in Europe and Asia.

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