News Release

GSM Annual Fund Receives Record Alumni Gifts
Campaign Raises 40% More Than Last Year

Alumni giving to the Graduate School of Management’s Annual Fund broke records across a number of key metrics in fiscal year 2012, which ended June 30.

The GSM Annual Fund ended the 2011-2012 campaign with a record total of $106,075, a 40% increase over last year. Alumni giving to the Annual Fund topped $91,000, the highest dollar amount given by alumni in a single year. Non-alumni friends of the School also donated in record numbers, contributing more than $15,000 to the Annual Fund.

A total of 514 alumni, representing 18.6% of the School’s total alumni, contributed last year.

With the help and support of the GSM Alumni Association Board members, there was a concerted effort to raise awareness of the School’s priorities and need for support in an era of decrease of state funding.

“These results show how committed our alumni are to giving back to the School,” said GSM Alumni Board President Brian Hoblit MBA 07. “I would also like to thank our Class Agents, the dedicated alumni who volunteered their time and energy to make direct asks to their friends and classmates. Their efforts had a substantial effect on improved giving and engagement among our alumni this year.”

Growing the Graduate School of Management and Working Professional Endowments, started by alumni in the Daytime Class of 2000 and the Working Professional Class of 2002, has been a key fundraising goal of the GSM Alumni Association.

Annual Fund donors answered the call with a 37% increase over last year directed towards these endowments, which provide a stable source of income and ensure the financial security of the School.

2012 Class Gifts Campaigns

The 2012 Class Gift Campaigns by the full-time MBA and Sacramento and Bay Area part-time MBA graduating classes raised more than $27,500 for the Graduate School of Management and Working Professional Endowments.

The student-driven campaigns carry forward a long tradition of student class gifts that over the past five years have raised nearly $180,000 in gifts and pledges.

“We are truly grateful for the generosity of all our donors,” said Dean Steven Currall. “Collectively these gifts make a significant impact on our School and have greatly enhanced our MBA students’ experience.”