Top 25 MBA Programs in California 2017
News Release

UC Davis MBA Ranked No. 4 in California
Top 25 MBA Programs in 2017

The UC Davis MBA program has been ranked No. 4 in California by Top Management Degrees.

“High early salary in graduates, hands on approach to learning, and impressive 94% job placement after graduation for graduates are just a few of the reasons that the University of California, Davis is among the top on our list,” wrote Top Management Degrees.

The 2017 ranking is designed to find the best Master’s of Business Administration available in the state. A list of over 100 MBA programs was obtained and then vetted based on the following four factors:

  • Accreditation
  • Affordability
  • Average salary
  • Prestige

All data was collected, weighted equally, and then averaged for this ranking.

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