Early in the Big Bang! process, participants take part in an innovation exercise that encourages, creativity, teamwork—and thinking outside the box.
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Congratulations, Big Bang! 2015 Semifinalists

We are happy to announce our 2015 Big Bang! Business Competition semi-finalists. These 15 teams have been selected from over 50 teams—representing more than 200 aspiring entrepreneurs—that have participated in this year’s contest. They will compete in the semifinals May 15.

Please join us for the Big Bang! Finals and Awards Ceremony on May 21.
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Team Lead: Astra Schwertschkow, Graduate

AlloOnc is a biotechnology startup with the purpose of saving lives and prolonging those cut short due to cancer using a specific therapeutic solution.


Team Lead: Akshata Mudinoor, Graduate Student

 Sensozyme aims to improve the process by which the industry currently measures sugar content by bringing real time monitoring and electronic sensing to market. 


Team Lead: Briana James, Graduate Student

Scrumpt provides parents all of the ingredients and instructions needed to make healthy lunches for their little ones.


Team Lead: Wendy Imbisi, Undergraduate Student

SafeScope is a wireless and modular medical device which is both a stethoscope and an ECG.


Team Lead: Ashwin Thirunahari, Graduate Student

branBYTES is a wholegrain nutrition made easy through healthy food products.


Team Lead: Aboubacar Diare

QratedEats is a mobile application for intelligent restaurant recommendations.

Veterinary Ultrasound Simulator

Team Lead: Rachel Pollard

Veterinary Ultrasound Simulator helps teach veterinarians and vet students how to perform ultrasounds so they may better diagnose a life threatening diseases in animals.


Team Lead: Brent Marriott, Undergraduate Student

Protoshop is a prototyping service where customer gets to pick their payment plan in exchange for engineering and fabrication knowledge to make products come to life.


Team Lead: Virgil Zhang, Undergraduate Student

Archer is a software company providing gesture Smart TV OS for device companies, and has developed an operating system with a more intuitive gesture input and a great GUI.

Vision Vanguard

Team Lead: Hong Truong, Undergraduate Student

Vision Vanguard is a diagnostic device to allow people with limited optical expertise to diagnose patients, therefore increasing the number of people involved in eye care and ultimately increasing the most basic eye care services.


Team Lead: Alexander Godbout, Undergraduate Student

ProFacts is the Nutrition Facts Label revamped by proteomic big data. ProFacts empowers users with information about what proteins are in their food, and which of those proteins are the most important.


Team Lead: Charles Romeo, Graduate Student

Pelada, (Peh-La-Da) is a location-based app designed to automatically collect and organize one’s amateur sports and active life into one easy-to-use interface connected to one’s peers.


Team Lead:Benjamin Pyles

Aventail brings novel customizable antiviral delivery system to the market in the pet medicine sector.


Team Lead:Bernadette Austin, Graduate Student

CivicOS is a shared measurement system for communities to set goals to improve quality of life, measure progress toward those goals, and deliver civic information around the needs of people rather than the structure of government.


Team Lead: Brianna McGuire, Graduate Student

Foodful.ly is a web-based service and mobile application designed to empower grocery shoppers.