Club Websites: Instructions & Guidelines
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Adding and Managing Images to a Post

  1. Add new images to a post via the image uploading tool. If there is only one image, the post will resize and place the image for you in a default position
  2. If there are more than one image, you can place these throughout your content by using the shortcode for the image that is displayed just to the right of the thumbnail
  3. Finally, place the image by pasting the shortcode into the desired section of your content.
  4. Save or cancel any changes

IMPORTANT: Turn on Advanced mode

Feel like your editing options are far fewer than you’re seeing here?

Advanced mode is probably off. Fix this by hopping down to the bottom, right corner of your browser window (while on the edit screen) and click the “advanced mode” option. Once it is highlighted in blue as seen below, you’ll know it is on and that you’re good to go.