International Study and Exchange Programs

An international perspective touches every aspect of the UC Davis MBA programs – from management and leadership to finance and marketing – and expands your ability to understand, examine and excel in today’s business environment. Our program integrates global issues into the curriculum and creates an environment where you learn from, and with, our students and professors from around the world.

International Study Practicum

Each year, our students create a live international business case study that culminates in a two-week study trip. You have tremendous input in shaping your international study practicum. You collaborate with a faculty advisor to select a country or region, identify industry sectors to explore, and contact executives with whom you will meet on the trip. The ten-week course provides a unique experience as students visit companies, factory sites, financial exchanges, and government agencies. Frequently, you meet with senior level executives throughout the course of your travels. While abroad, you learn firsthand about international trade, socioeconomic issues, critical industry sectors, and local business culture and practices. You return with a better understanding of both local issues and the global market – and a new awareness of the factors that define business success.

International Exchange Programs

The Graduate School of Management has exchange programs with several renowned universities. Students spend one quarter at one of these top universities, experiencing the culture and expanding their personal network. The Graduate School of Management also hosts students from these programs, enriching the experience of all UC Davis MBA students.

  • Australia: Australian Graduate School of Management
  • Brazil: Fundacao Getulio Vargas
  • Chile: Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile
  • China: Fudan University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance
  • Finland: Aalto University Executive Education
  • France: HEC, Institut Superieur des Affaires
  • Germany: Heinrich Heine Universität
  • Mexico: Instituto Technologico Autonomo de Mexico
  • The Netherlands: Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Republic of China: National Taiwan University
  • Sweden: Jonkoping International Business School
  • United Kingdom: Manchester Business School