UC Davis Graduate School of Management Makes History Launching First Global CEO Entrepreneur Agribusiness Symposium in China

With the goal of helping to further a sustainable and quality-driven global agriculture community, the UC Davis Graduate School of Management and the CHIC Knowledge Center of Excellence (CKCE) launched its first Global CEO Entrepreneur Agribusiness Symposium in Shanghai. The three-day event, Growing Agribusiness in China: Scaling Up and Staying Fresh, was held November 1-3, 2013, and attended by over 80 food and agriculture entrepreneurs and key government officials.

Participants included CEOs and senior executives from major companies, including Legend Holdings Joyvio Group, Xinjiang Qinghe Group, Inner Mongolia Dairy United, Beijing Organic and Beyond Corporation (OABC), FMC Group, Dupont Pioneer and Ecom Group. Mr. Liu Xia, the vice mayor of Wuxi City, sponsored 28 agribusiness entrepreneurs across Wuxi Province to attend this groundbreaking program.

About the Program

This custom, interactive program was created specifically for food/agribusiness CEOs and Business Owners in China with a focus on providing business leaders with practical tools and information to grow and scale their businesses.  Read our blog to read the details of what happened.




Learn from Innovative Global Food/agribusiness Experts - UC Davis Ranked #1 in the World for Teaching and Research in Agriculture

As the fastest rising business school in the United States, the UC Davis Graduate School of Management is uniquely positioned to partner with the world’s top-ranked College of Agricultural and Environmental Science to deliver this innovative executive education program. This partnership brings the best and brightest agricultural researchers, business professors, and industry experts to deliver customized and interactive learning experiences. A leading expert in Agricultural Economics, UC Davis Professor Colin Carter shares insights on China’s agriculture challenges and opportunities.

Bringing Expertise from the “Gold Country” of California Agriculture

UC Davis is located in the Central Valley of Northern California, where 81,500 ranches and farms produced over 400 commodities that generated approximately $45 billion in revenue last year. Our location provides access to leading executives in the agribusiness community and adds to the UC Davis credibility in creating and delivering programs that accelerate agricultural innovation.

Who Should Attend Future Programs?

This ground breaking program is aimed at CEOs and Business Owners of food/agribusiness companies in China including, but not limited to, the produce, dairy, and pork sectors, and distributors, grocery store chain operators, fertilizer companies, and marketing organizations that serve the food/agribusiness market in China.