The UC Davis MBA Edge

The UC Davis MBA prepares you to be an innovative leader with global impact

Our general management education provides the strong foundation, perspective and balance you need to be an effective manager and leader in today’s business environment.

Our model of management education allows you more choice in designing your program and lets you specialize in a particular area or study across a broad range of subjects.

Our professors are industry experts, actively engaged with the business world

Through innovative research, they share cutting-edge management ideas and practices with you in the classroom. They know how academic theory relates to real-world conditions, and they are dedicated to working directly with students to explore that practical dimension and encourage innovative ways of thinking and doing business.

You’ll develop your expertise to solve real-world strategic business issues

In a 10-week capstone Integrated Management Project course, other experiential courses and hands-on work outside the classroom, you develop your expertise to solve real-world strategic business issues.

Specialized courses, independent studies and fieldwork advance your understanding in a selected field to prepare you for the next stage of your career. Applied courses and workshops—covering key topics such as leadership, innovation, critical thinking and communication—round out your education and career preparation.

Through our rigorous, new IMPACT-anchored curriculum, you will build a broad foundation of basic knowledge and skills—and put them into action. You’ll deepen your knowledge in business analytics, entrepreneurship, innovation, finance, accounting, general management, marketing, organizational behavior, strategy or technology management.