Wine Packaging Strategy
It's more than just a Bottle

A Packaging for Your Wine Business

UC Davis Graduate School of Management Executive Education is proud to launch a new one-day program for the wine industry building on the success of the Wine Executive Program founded over fourteen years ago.

Wine Packaging is one of the most hotly debated topics for many wine industry professionals, as it is the visible depiction of a winery’s brand identity.  In addition, it is often one of the most expensive line items on the balance sheet, making decisions about packaging an intricate dance between the winemaker, production, operations, finance and marketing.

Program Outcomes

In this new program, participants will gain newly developed insights and tools from esteemed academic and industry professionals, while also participating in curated conversations about key topics such as consumer behavior, market fads and trends, closures, sustainability and branding.

Who Should Attend

Specifically designed for anyone who is involved in the decision making process around wine packaging including winemakers, finance, operations, and marketing, this program will provide new research and insights into key topics around the lifecycle of the wine packaging decision making process.   If you are a supplier, distributor, financial institution or service provider in businesses affiliated with packaging, you will also benefit from the discussions that you will participate in at this program.