Dean Steven C. Currall introduces Dean's Distinguished Speaker Edward Zhu, CEO, CHIC Group. noting the School's partnership with Zhu on agribusiness executive education at CHIC's Center of Excellence in Shanghai."Making innovation work in China is difficult because there are so many copy cats. You need to have a moat with crocodiles so people cannot easily get to you." - Edward Zhu, CEO, CHIC Group."We survive because we innovate, it's the soul of our company."  - Edward Zhu, CEO, CHIC Group, says, explaining the business case and market potential for INVO coconut water."Chinese still use buckets to irrigate fields . . . The biggest problem in agribusiness in China is lack of talent . . . What China needs is a School like UC Davis." - Edward Zhu, CEO, CHIC Group.

Edward Zhu, CEO of the CHIC Group, describes how CHIC reinvented the canned fruit business for Del Monte by introducing vacuum packed plastic shells.
"Economic Value Added (EVA) is the blood and innovation in the pump." - Edward Zhu, CEO, CHIC Group.Edward Zhu explains CHIC Group's "Mosquito Strategy":  Buying up small regional brands, and combining them into a house brand that is powerful enough to kill the elephant in the market."Chinese are buying much more from e-commerce which is going to replace traditional channels. If you do business in China without knowing this, you will be left behind." - Edward Zhu, CEO, CHIC Group.
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Dean’s Distinguished Speaker
Edward Zhu, Chief Executive Officer, CHIC Group

Edward Zhu has more than 20 years of global business experience including as an entrepreneur, a leader, a financier, an investor, a supply chain management expert and the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the CHIC Group.

Established in Shanghai China in 1996, the group today is a global company.From its humble beginning as a freight-forwarding and logistics company, it has grown and evolved into a diversified conglomerate with subsidiaries in sectors including food, agriculture, home and garden products, medical equipment, supply chain management solutions and execution, and integrated rural urbanization development.

In 2012 the CHIC Group signed an historic agreement with UNESCO to form the Biosphere Integrated Rural-Urbanization community investment and development project (BIRUP) as a global demonstration for Sustainability and Man & Biosphere Harmony, which was the first time in UNESCO’s history that such a partnership with a Chinese private enterprise was formed.

The CHIC Group is a SIMIS company, providing Solutions, Investments, Management, Innovation and Services to its chosen strategic partners worldwide. The group is positioned on top of end-to-end supply chains and aims to create economic value for its strategic partners.

As CEO, Zhu leads the group, its global vision and develops key strategies, policies and systems, while being a role model for the company’s culture. With management and leadership experience in the U.S. and in China, Zhu has built the CHIC Group into a leading edge company whose clients and corporate partners are brand leaders in their respective industries including Del Monte, Heinz, SPC, Spectrum Brands and Yum.