1. Revolights—For the gadget enthusiast and road warrior
2. Potters Crackers—Delicious stocking stuffer for foodies3. Ruhstaller Beer is crafted with local hops and barley. Enjoy a Ruhstaller and experience the rich, nuanced flavors only California-grown ingredients can deliver.3. Odanata's traditionally aged Saison offers a very dry, exquisitely herbal finish along with refined tropical fruit notes.4. Woodhouse Chocolates—For the sweet tooths on your list.Spadarotto Family Wines: spadarotto.comHall Wines: hallwines.comStaglin Family Vineyard: staglinfamily.com/wines.htmlGroth Vineyard & Winery​: grothwines.comTurkovich Wines: turkovichwines.comAmizetta Estate Family Vineyards and Winery: amizetta.com
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Our Holiday Gift Guide
Be a Secret Santa or Surprise a Loved One with Gifts Made by Our Community

Whether your loved one or Secret Santa has a sweet tooth or prefers something savory, craves the coolest new gadgets or just likes to cozy up by the fireplace with a nice glass of wine, we’ve found the right gift for everyone on your list. Better still, all of these gifts are made by the School’s students, alumni, friends and family.So browse our list see for a special gift this holiday season, and support your fellow GSMers.

1. For the gadget enthusiast and road warrior—Revolights

Unlike traditional bike lights, which project light in only one direction, Revolights cast 360 degrees of illumination, making it much easier for others to see the rider. This improves safety tremendously: most nighttime bike-car collisions are due to inadequate side visibility.

Adam Pettler MBA 11, Co-founder and CFO

2. A stocking stuffer for the foodies—Potter’s Crackers

Potter’s whole grain, handmade, crackers are produced with California milled, whole-wheat flour and local butter in nearby Sacramento. Most of the ingredients come from small, local farms. Potter’s offers five year-round varieties of crackers and produces seasonal flavors throughout the year that reflect what is available in the local farmers’ markets.

Peter “Potter” Weber MBA 11, Founder

3. For beer connoisseurs and localvores—craft brews from Ruhstaller and Odanata

Ruhstaller Beer

Captain Frank Ruhstaller was California’s premier pioneer brewer, who partnered with local hop and barley farmers to grow the finest ingredients for his beers. 131 years later, Ruhstaller remains committed to the Captain’s legacy. Ruhstaller Beer is made with California hops and barley, grown by local farmers like Doug and Tom Dickson of Clarksburg. Enjoy a Ruhstaller and experience its rich, nuanced flavors.

J-E Paino MBA 11, Founder

Odanata Beer Company

Odanata’s Saison is traditionally designed to be aged, and the bottle conditioning has allowed the live yeast to provide a very dry, exquisitely herbal finish along with its refined tropical fruit notes.

Tracy Bethune MBA 09, Owner

4. For friends with a sweet tooth—Woodhouse Chocolates

Woodhouse Chocolate are luscious and delectable, made with only the highest-quality, freshest nuts, cream, butter and spices combined in Woodhouse’s unique way while honoring traditional flavors and techniques.

John Anderson MBA 03, Co-founder

5. For the wine lovers—A vintage from one of our several alumni and family wineries

Amizetta Estate Family Vineyards and Winery

Founded in 1979, Amizetta offers award winning, best of class wines from the Napa Valley.

(Amizetta family member) Perry Clark MBA 10 / UCD 05, General Manager

Turkovich Wines

Turkovich Family Wines produces quality, small-lot wines from the best vineyards in western Yolo County.

MBA Student Dan Turkovich

Groth Vineyard & Winery

Rooted in Oakville, Groth offers a variety of exceptional wines.

Andrew Groth MBA 03, Owner/Vice President of Operations

Staglin Family Vineyards

Staglin offers wines that express the unique characteristics of their property and that reflect their superb attention.

Shannon Staglin MBA 08, President

Spadarotto Family Wines

Spadarotto was recently profiles in Forbes for its cabernet—”The Best Cult Wine You Never Heard Of.”

Steve Spadarotto MBA 97, Principal

Hall Wines

Hall Wines is constantly evolving their time-honored methods to incorporate the most innovative processes and technology in their quest to perfect the art of winemaking.

Craig Hall, Dean’s Cabinet Member