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Platform Business

Platform business

Strategic and operational problems in management of platform businesses, applications of platform thinking, transformational impact of platforms.

Platforms, or technology-enabled business marketplaces, are transforming the way we think about business. For 200 years, businesses had been about creating large scale in various aspects and connecting them in a linear fashion: raw materials, parts and components, resources of production and transformation, distribution, etc., and using this large-scale structure to efficiently create and supply something of value to the customer.

Today’s platform technologies change this in a fundamental way: business and customer value is created by enabling others to create and provide value – and then performing necessary tasks (such as discovery, matching, fulfillment, financial payments, trust etc.) to make it is easy for this to happen.

While a typical traditional business might work with hundreds of thoroughly vetted business partners under bespoke contracts, platforms typically feature a dynamic ecosystem with thousands or millions of partners enabled with information technologies that support lightweight automated contracts. CATS faculty have examined several exciting research questions motivated by this new architecture. 

Platform Business

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