Diversity & Inclusion
Action for Diversity: Bringing Inclusion Practices into the Real World

 Action for Diversity

Aligned with the UC Davis Principles of Community, the Graduate School of Management consistently strives to promote equity, inclusion and diversity across the School’s community and the greater business environment. To further this effort, The Faculty Committee on Diversity holds symposiums, workshops and event series that bring together our full community of faculty, staff, current & prospective students, alumni, friends of the GSM, and our regional business partners.

Diversity training and awareness has progressed over the past few decades, and we now have the opportunity to push awareness and learning into action. Most people in our community are aware and supportive of inclusive workplaces, and are asking what they can actually do to make a difference. The overarching theme of the committee’s events is “Action for Diversity: Bringing Inclusion Practices into the Real World,” which signals our focus on carrying learning into action. With an action orientation, we expect to give participants concrete tools and actions they can use right away to create and support more diverse and inclusive workplaces.


To build skills and empower progress that challenges conventional views, and expands perspectives in order to promote inclusive workplace communities of diverse backgrounds, thoughts and experiences.


  • Improving Business through Diversity and Inclusion symposium
  • Looking at Implicit Bias Symposium
  • GSM Community Book Project: Blind Spot  By Mahzarin Banaji & Anthony Greenwald
  • Allies in the Workplace Targeted Networking
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Orientation Workshop
  • Diversity in Tech Panel
  • Fairness in Artificial Intelligence, Alana Washington, Capital One
  • Lunar New Year Celebrations
  • Diwali Night Celebrations
  • UC Alliance for Diversity in Business

2019 Diversity Committee