Diversity & Inclusion
Information on Diversity Resources at the GSM

“Diversity is a core value of UC Davis and the Graduate School of Management.” Steven Currall Dean of the Graduate School of Management

Diversity and Inclusion at the GSM

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management aims to build awareness of the importance of equity, inclusion and diversity across the School’s community. Diversity aims to broaden and deepen both the educational experience and the scholarly environment, as students and faculty learn to interact effectively with each other, preparing them to participate in an increasingly complex and pluralistic society.

Ideas, and practices based on those ideas, can be made richer by the process of being born and nurtured in a diverse community. We know that employers value our efforts to create greater diversity. Thus all students will benefit from us developing deeper ties to the respective communities that they represent. There are many MBA affinity organizations that are open to ALL students who are interested in the issues that are advocated, such as fairness, diversity, and inclusion in business and corporations.

If you would like to discuss further the diversity and inclusion efforts of the GSM, feel free to contact any of the following members of the Faculty Diversity Committee:

  • Professor Shannon Anderson (chair) 
  • Professor Kim Elsbach
  • Professor Brad Barber 
  • Assistant Dean of Student Affairs James Stevens
  • Chief Diversity Officer Kathy Gleed

Diversity Initiatives

Aligned with the UC Davis Principles of Community, the Graduate School of Management has implemented several initiatives designed to strengthen and ensure the quality of research, teaching and public service related to diversity, equity and inclusion; extend pathways for access and success; and foster an engaging and healthy campus climate. The GSM has also implemented a Diversity Task Force made up of staff, faculty, and students who are charged with reviewing diversity initiatives and implementing them.

Specific diversity initiatives include:

  • The establishment of a new Faculty Committee on Diversity. This committee will be focused on adopting the School’s first Statement on Diversity and on finding ways to ensure issues of diversity are a part of the School’s curriculum.
  • Increasing the diversity pipeline for all academic programs through the implementation of recruitment and student retention programs designed to increase the pool of diverse applicants.
  • Recruiting and selecting a diverse faculty and staff.
  • Building awareness of the importance of equity, inclusion and diversity across the School’s community.
  • Strengthening relationships with partners and external programs, including the National Black MBA Association, the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, the National Association of Asian MBAs and others.

Who to Contact

Students are encouraged to approach staff or faculty with issues, concerns or suggestions regarding diversity and inclusion within the GSM. The following staff members are available onsite and are good first contacts:

Davis Campus:
Crissy Lyles – MPAc Program Manager
Jackie Romo – Full-Time MBA Program Manager

San Ramon Campus:
Eva Zhang – Bay Area MBA Program Manager
Caroll Sandifor – Bay Area MBA Instructional & Operations Manager

Sacramento Campus:
Frances Lessman – Sacramento Program Manager

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