“I saw how important it is, as a consultant, to be flexible, fast thinking and ready for unexpected situations.”
Developing an enterprise-wide strategy for how PG&E's data analytics should be governed and implemented to control the process, inputs and outputs of its data

Over the past decade, PG&E has deployed technology that captures rich data related to all aspects of the business. The company recently turned to a team of UC Davis MBA students to help analyze this flood of big data and improve how it combines this information in a meaningful way to benefit customers. MBA student Elizabeth Liu tells what she has

Before the Integrated Management Project, I didn’t have exposure to a strategy development project on an enterprise level. The comprehensive enterprise approach of this project developed my ability to analyze with a big-picture perspective and form a long-term vision. It also put me in a real-life situation where people play a significant role driving or avoiding changes.

Over the course of the 10 weeks, our team developed a mutual understanding and respect for each other. There was no internal competition but an attempt to fill resource gaps. The role of each person on the team evolved, making the team capable and efficient.

My sense of insecurity and anxiety dissolved as I learned from my teammates and my client. One teammate showed me how to search cases, another explained the difference between a data warehouse and a data lake. From materials provided by PG&E, I had a much better understanding of the utility industry.

Highlights of the experience include dealing with ambiguity, managing relationship with clients, managing client’s expectations and negotiation. I saw how important it is, as a consultant, to be flexible, fast-thinking and ready for unexpected situations.