Instructional Resources Manager


Job Summary: 

Under general supervision of the Director of Project and Instructional Resources, serve as the operations manager for the Bay Area MBA program. The operations manager will manage the operational needs of the teaching facility and instructional support of the Bay Area MBA campus located in San Ramon. The position will determine appropriate actions, provide recommendations and guidance in establishing and ensuring proper operations protocol. Provide a high level of complex analysis, planning and coordinating functions that span the continuum of GSM activities. Provide support in administration, serve as faculty/instructor liaison and client representative. Develop strategic goals and objectives; coordinate the day-to-day business operations; design, implement and evaluate instructional procedures; form campus and community partnerships; and provide a high-level of professional support.

Department Specific Job Scope: 

This is an off-site program and the operations manager works independently under general supervision to provide operational support for Project & Instructional Resources.   

Essential Responsibilities: 


Provide leadership including strategic and tactical planning for program operations of the Bay Area MBA program. Represent the GSM, and establish and maintain relationships with students, Senate faculty, lecturers, visiting professors, contractors and vendors. Develop, implement, and analyze processes and functions. Make recommendations for improving overall program support. Provide high-level advice and guidance to students, company representatives, faculty, and the general public regarding all MBA policies and procedures. Serve as front-line decision-maker for faculty inquiries and needs for MBA program. Work in tandem with the Bay Area MBA program manager to provide seamless student support. Provide facility management for Bay Area MBA Program. Manage information technology (IT) and audio-visual (AV) maintenance contracts for sophisticated equipment valued over $100,000 at the teaching facility. Conduct daily and weekly checks of building maintenance. Contact maintenance contractors to troubleshoot problems or enlist on-site service. Provide assistance regarding the use of IT/AV equipment and engage back-up units as necessary. Identify and resolve any facility concerns regarding security, HVAC, or janitorial issues with the facility and amenities services managers. Manage a $250,000 catering/snack budget for the Bay Area campus, addressing dietary restrictions/considerations and provide a yearly cost analysis. Obtain cost estimates for internal facility improvements, furniture replacements and equipment replacements interacting with campus units as appropriate. Interact with the GSM Safety Coordinator to ensure that the facility complies with UC safety and ergonomic requirements and to implement a building emergency plan.


Coordinate the instructional resources operations for the Bay Area MBA program to ensure conformity with University policies and procedures, and to employ sound business practices. Develop, recommend and implement courses of action to improve instructional processes. Prepare annual operating procedures and forecasts that will advance the goals and objectives of the unit and the university. Order supplies and prepare quarterly course and teaching materials for faculty. Manage course pages on Canvas and provide instructional support to the faculty. Prepare and design technical projects, design and maintain databases, files and inventory, use Banner to track student enrollment figures and class rosters. Participate in development, analysis, and implementation of new policies. Participate in team effort with the Director and other analysts to insure the needs of the unit are met. Work closely with the Director in long-range planning, providing information on resources and administrative considerations. Assist in analyzing, planning, and implementing process improvements that support the GSM vision and goals, including incorporation of instructional needs, maintaining faculty relationships, and resources on an ongoing basis, as new programs are instituted and others that change direction in support of planned and anticipated growth. Overall coordination of providing administrative support for the faculty. Oversee, plan, and evaluate all administrative support operations including workload management, developing performance standards, establishing procedures and setting priorities.


Undertake special projects as assigned to research, analyze and make recommendations affecting teaching, administrative and/or programmatic activities for the program. Report findings to the Director.   


Minimum Qualifications: 
  • Project and facility management experience. 
  • Experience with managing operations and knowledge of principles and methods for supporting academic and instructional operations for individuals and groups.
  • Advanced computer skills and experience utilizing and implementing technologies such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills, resourcefulness, and judgment to gather and analyze information, and develop a wide range of options that are consistent with campus policies, practices, and procedures.
  • Skills to formulate thoughtful/realistic recommendations to clients and management. 
  • Knowledge to map operational processes in a logical manner. 
  • Skills to integrate tasks into a programmatic context and to establish and follow project plans and timetables to completion. 
  • Skills to map operational processes in a logical manner and integrate tasks into a programmatic context and to establish project plans and timetables to completion, including status tracking and project updates in coordination with other participants.
  • Customer service orientation. Skill to absorb complex technical and conceptual information, identify key issues and details, and present understandable alternatives to individuals of varying technical expertise at all levels of the organization. Skill to work on multiple complex tasks that are not necessarily well defined, under pressure of full workload, tight deadlines and shifting priorities.   
  • Organization and time management skills. 
  • Interpersonal communication skills, written and verbal skills, and the skill to listen effectively. 
  • Communication, writing, and editing skills to explain and present technical and conceptual materials to both technical and non-technical audiences and prepare clear correspondence and reports.
  • Skills to organize work flow, select, train, delegate responsibilities and conduct performance evaluations for temporary & student staffing. 
Preferred Qualifications for Selection: 
  • Experience providing staff support to an instructional program in a University setting. 
  • Experience writing complex summaries and reports, including the skill to use written language accurately and creatively; command of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation; and skills in editing and proofing copy. 
  • Experience utilizing and implementing technologies such as web applications, Drupal and scanning programs.
Physical Demands: 
  • Lift/maneuver materials weighing up to 25 lbs.   
  • Work occasional overtime. Work schedule: 40 hours per week. Wednesday-Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm; Core hours to be covered on: Friday 12:30pm to 9:00pm; Saturday 8:00am to 4:30pm, Sunday, 8:00 to 4:30 pm. (Sunday coverage as needed).